The Riskiest Games at Casinos!

  • Random games have much of a risk
  • If you know how to play the lottery, you know how to play Keno too
The riskiest casino games

The riskiest casino games usually are the games that offer the worst odds at live and online casinos in the US. But high risk – high reward, right? Hence, you will find lots of gamblers at casinos who are mostly going for the risky games just because they to win big. And though most people prefer not to risk it, sometimes, it’s better to take chances. Who dares, wins.

Besides, depending on the game, you can substantially decrease the chances of losing. Especially, if you go for skill-based gambling, where much of a control is in your hands. And yes, the thing is, most risky games are games of chance, you can still do some things to protect yourself from losing more. Nevertheless, no matter what type of the game is, you can always research it and at least learn the basic gambling strategies that will make you win more. Alternatively, you can just practice your skills using online gambling bonuses in the US – we’re sure they will help you a lot. Now let’s see the list of the best games for risk-lovers. Look for some at Intertops Casino – you can also find the best odds and the greatest variety of games!

The Riskiest Casino Games – Slot Machines

The role of rng in online casinos in slot machines is huge, which is making them some of the riskiest casino games. There is no exact strategy that can lead you the right way as, say, in Poker. While playing poker, you can generate the strategies that will work the best for you. However, you cannot do it on slot machines. But that’s also one of the reasons people actually play slot machines – they do not want to break their minds, trying to think of the perfect-working strategy to win. You can just chill, as the game will solve it all for you.

Nevertheless, slot machines are not stable at all, which is also making them risky games to play. Because of this, the payout variation is also high.

The riskiest casino games
Spin it!

What Are Your Odds at the Wheel of Fortune?

The concept of the Big Six Wheel also known as the Wheel of Fortune is very simple and easy. You just bet on if the wheel stops at the wheel segment or a joker. The segments include – $1, $5, $10, and $20. If you bet on the wheel to land on $1, you will be having the highest odds to win, which gives only 11% to the house. But obviously, the thing with placing this bet is that it gives the lowest payout. The best scenario is winning your bets on a joker but it gives a 24% edge to the house. Nevertheless, it’s still among the riskiest casino games.

Keno Is Pretty Much Like a Lottery

Keno is another simple game that you can find at online gambling sites in the US. It actually resembles the lottery in much detail. There are keno drawings happening every several minutes, and there are 80 numbers to pick from. You usually select around 9-15 numbers from those 80. 20 balls are drawn from those 80 numbers. In order to win, the numbers you picked have to match the drawn numbers. The more matches you have, the better it is for you as your payout will be higher.

If you have pretty good experience with playing the lottery, then, you most probably know that the house edge of the lottery is 50%. So, it’s all absolutely random. And since as we have said, Keno is pretty much similar to the lottery, the house edge is also similar. Nevertheless, the chances for winning the keno are a bit higher. So, the house edge variation in this game is around 20% and 40%.

There are many things that keno-players love this game for. It’s a really entertaining game, and though keno itself is among the riskiest casino games, you don’t risk losing much of your money. Besides, the chances to get huge prizes in cash are also high. Maybe some keno tips and tricks can make you win?

The riskiest casino games
Feeling lucky?

The Riskiest Casino Games – American or European Roulette?

The thing with roulette is that you rely on luck so much in this game too. You can use some roulette-winning strategies, yet, the role of the good strategy is not as effective as in, say, Poker.  At online casinos, you can choose between two alternatives in roulette: American roulette and European. The difference is not that big, it’s just that there is an extra green slot “00” in American roulette. And this is the reason why American roulette has a higher house edge. Roulette is among the most popular gambling games which gives you a chance to get back around 35 times your beginning bet.

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