The Week in Pictures: August 11 – August 18, 2015

Posted: August 18, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Last week saw a whole range of dramatic stories break around the world so let’s take a moment to look back over some of the most important

The Chinese central bank surprised markets last week by announcing a 1.9% devaluation of the Yuan. In response to lower than expected economic data, particularly exports (which fell 8.3% in July) the move makes trade cheaper for businesses. With $1 now buying 6.2298 Yuan, up from the 6.1162 value it held on Monday, there’s hope the fall of 5.4% in the producer price index on last years figures can be reversed. Across Asia the reaction from markets was mixed with most slipping on the news.

A chemical storage facility in Tianjin China was the scene of a devastating series of explosions that killed 112 and injured 700. Li Keqiang visited both victims and recovery teams at the site that has been evacuated due to the presence of what is described as being “several hundred” tons of Sodium Cyanide. With 95 people still missing investigations are still under way as to the cause of the explosions that ripped through the warehousing on Wednesday.

A volcanic eruption in Ecuador caused the government to announce a national state of emergency as the Cotopaxi volcano continued to spew ash 5km into the air last week. The 19,350 foot high volcano last erupted in the late 1880s, and it is feared a large scale eruption could effect a huge swathe of the country including suburbs of the capital Quito just 50km away. Mudslides and widespread flooding are also expected as any eruption is likely to melt nearby glaciers.

In sport Manchester City announced their intentions in the English Premier League by putting three past a hapless Chelsea who were in the headlines more for their medical staff controversy rather than their footballing prowess. Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho said afterward “Their goal keeper was good and we couldn’t score.” The question is will the Blues bounce back next game? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out. In the meantime here are some of the big stories from last week.

1. Another challenge was launched to omnipotent NFL chairman Roger Goodell, this time from locker room bully Richie Incognito. Truth be told, this is clearly nothing like Brady’s case, but he’s a big and scary guy, let him say his piece.
Dolphins fans Incognito sign

Actually big tackles don’t make Incognito a decent person (Photo: MCT)

2. You needn’t postpone your holiday just to place a bet on the big game anymore, since bet365 are now licensed to operate in Malta, too.
bet365 commercial stadium seats

bet365 is covered for Malta now (Photo: bet365)

3. Romanian authorities pulled PokerStars over, requiring a new domestic permit the providers will have to acquire. Now players will only have to wait.
Romanian police car road check

”Show me your license, Sir” (Photo: Romania Insider)

4. Unibet didn’t get off with a warning either. The betting site will aslo have to apply for new Romanian permits to continue/resume their operations in the country.

Let’s hope players can hold their breath (Ph: Unibet/

5. Mourinho might have been trying to take the attention away from his master plan to defeat Man City by blaming the team’s pretty doctor and banishing her from the bench indefinitely. After the big beating they received it turned out to be Much Ado About Nothing. “Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more / Men were deceivers ever”
Eva Carneiro Chelsea doctor working

Mourinho said her hastiness hurt the team (Photo: Ian Hodgson/Dialy Mail)

6. If after “the Letdown of the Century” you still thought Mayweather was interested in anything else than money, or he would take any kind of risky challenge, the announcement about the identity of his final opponent may bring you to your senses.
Floyd Mayweather jr pointing and laughing

The joke is on you, suckers! (Photo: Reuters)

7. And finally a Polish girl Beata won $90,000 in a series of extraordinary wins at Royal Panda Casino. See, it works!
Polish woman wins in online casino

Congratulations Beata, gratulacje!

Meanwhile Ryan Payne, a 31 year old attempted car thief found himself facing multiple charges last week having been arrested whilst stealing a vehicle in Montana. Police were called to the scene by Ryan himself who had become trapped in the car’s trunk whilst attempting to steal it and was unable to free himself. Officers retrieved the keys from a nearby business owner and promptly arrested Ryan who may now be faced with a different sort of incarceration.

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