The Week in Pictures: February 10 – February 16, 2015

Posted: February 17, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Last week saw numerous big stories around the world so lets take a minute to look back through them and see what hit our headlines over the previous seven days  

Police in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, shot dead a man suspected of being responsible for two deadly gun attacks in the city. The first attack came at a “free speech debate” at a cafe in the city center, the gun man killing one and injuring three others, with the second attack taking place near the city’s main synagogue and leaving one man dead and two policemen wounded. The suspect was shot dead by police outside his place of residence near Norrebro Station as he returned home.

French and German diplomatic efforts bore fruit with both sides in the Ukrainian conflict coming together to iron out key differences and institute a ceasefire in the east of the country. The marathon length talks in Minsk produced a road-map for a peaceful settling of the war that has now killed nearly six thousand people and wounded over twice as many. The last ceasefire brokered in Minsk lasted only a few days, but there is widespread optimism that despite small skirmishes this one will hold.

A leading computer security firm estimated that over $1bn has been stolen in a new wave of sophisticated cyber-robberies perpetrated against the banks themselves rather than, as in the past, the users of their services. The crimes spanned some thirty countries, including Russia, China and the USA, and involved the use of malicious viruses to gain access to banking details and facilitating various methods of robbery. Each robbery took between two and four months with up to $10m stolen each time.

In sport, Anders Fannemel from Norway broke the Ski Jump world record with a distance of 251.5m in Vikersund, breaking the 250m record set by Peter Prevc of Slovenia just the day before, and finished second in the World Cup event behind Severin Freund. Will records continue to tumble this winter-sports season? You’ll have to click over to our daily news pages to find out, but in the meantime lets look back at some of the stories that hit our headlines last week.

1. PartyPoker and Dusk Till Dawn reached a multi-year partnership that will place DTD live venues on the PartyPoker site while Dusk Till Dawn will feature PartyPoker branding at its live events.

PartyPoker pairs up with Dusk Till Dawn
 (Photo: Dusk Till Dawn Casino Nottingham)

High 5 Games has decided to team up with Inspired Gaming to develop new games that will be available on social, online and mobile platforms

Inspired Gaming and High 5 Games strike a Partnership (Photo:Inspired Gaming Group)

3. With EU license down pat for 8 countries in which Pokerstars and FullTilt are operating, EU players can take full advantage of promotions from the 2 online gambling icons <a href="/gambling/gambling-news/migration-of-pokerstars-and-fulltilt-eu-license-to-eight-countries/”"

Migration of PokerStars and FullTilt EU License to Eight Countries (Photo: PokerStars)

4. Crown Resorts vs Crown Group in court over breach of trademarks including logos and brand names

A battle over the Crown  (Photo: OzDaily)

5. Former captain of England’s national football team, Rio Ferdinand becomes the new face of the CasinoFloor brand

Rio Ferdinand Becomes Ambassador for CasinoFloor  (Photo: Oddsavisen)

6. Cortana is the hot new Windows Phone application that helps keep gamblers in the loop by predicting probable wins and losses

Cortana is the best friend of gamblers  (Photo: Forbes)

7. First four days of testing for the 2015 Formula 1 season are over in Jerez, Spain with a review of how the top teams fared and what to expect

All The Things Sports Fans Should Know About 2015’s Formula 1 Pre-season Tests
 (Photo: Formula 1)

Meanwhile the film adaptation of “50 Shades Of Grey” was released to mixed reviews with many complaining the on-screen antics of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan didn’t live up to the passionate excitement of the best-selling book by E. L. James, however this has not stopped DIY stores being warned to expect an increase of purchases of restraints and straps, and the Fire service warned to expect more bondage related emergencies. Has this brought BDSM into the mainstream? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out.

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