The week in pictures: November 11th – November 17th, 2014

Past week's news in pictures (November 11th - November 17th, 2014) - GamingZion

Last week was another seven days of history in the making with something for everyone so lets take a look back at what hit the headlines

The big news of the week in science was the spectacular partial success of the Philae probe making a somewhat kangaroo-like landing on the surface of comet 67P. Over 300 million miles from earth at the moment of interception this decades long undertaking was a stunning example of what 1.4 billion Euros can buy you. The elation of the team behind the Rosetta project was, however, soon muted considerably after key components failed and the probe wedged itself into a hole where it ran out of power.

Running out of power isn’t limited to probes in space as the Japanese economy will attest. A revised estimate for the second quarter shows the biggest decline in the economy since the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 with a 7.3% contraction. This has probably scuppered plans for another rise in sales tax in the country, indeed the previous rises may well have contributed to Japan falling prey to recession in the first place given 60% of the economy is private consumption.

For private consumption is a pretty good description of FIFA’s report into corruption allegations surrounding the awarding of the 2022 Soccer World Cup to a rich nation in which it is far too hot to actually play soccer; Quatar. The report cleared Quatar of all wrong doing but has not been published in full a decision already critisized by one of the authors that disputes the official characterization of the reports findings. UEFA has threatened to quit FIFA if the report isn’t made public as a whole.

Elsewhere in sport Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has thrown doubt on the controversial “double points” rewards for the final race, introduced this season, will be continued in 2015. A season of racing that has seen two drivers, Hamilton and Roberg, neck and neck to see who’ll be champion comes down to the last race this Sunday, so keep up to date will all the latest developments on our daily news pages but in the meantime lets look what made our headlines last week.

1. Day 3 at the ATP World Tour Finals had a great match between Roger Federer and Kei Nishikori, which offered highly rewarding betting odds at Bet365.
Can Nishikori Overpower Federer

And it happened… Nishikori defeated Federer   (Photo: Clive Brunskill)

2. The new voluntary code of conduct adopted by UK bookmakers hasn’t really helped players stay away from the “crack cocaine” of gambling. And that’s just the way bookmakers like it!
UK Bookmakers and Betting Machines

Those FOBTs…  (Photo: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism)

3. The FBI and Caesars Palace finally resolved the subpoena issue after reaching an amicable solution over the recent casino search.
Caesars Las Vegas and the FBI Agreement

Caesars Palace: innocently involved or third party?  (Photo: Robert Mora)

4. Gaming Zion took a look at Kelly Stewart, who is breaking the mold by winning large sums betting on sports in Las Vegas.
Kelly Stewart Sportsbetting

Betting just got hotter  (Photo: Kelly Stewart via Vice Sports)

5. Gaming Zion investigated NHL Thomas Vanek’s links to a money laundering ring in New York.
Thomas Vanek Illegal Gambling

Players gonna… bet  (Photo: Star Tribune)

6. Gaming Zion took a look at the potential effects of the first legal launch of online casinos in Romania.
Online Casinos in Romania

Romanian Parliament expected to vote online casino bill  (Photo: Cotidianul)

7. Sweden’s opposition MP Gustav Hoffstedt proposed a new gaming system that would be advantageous for private gaming operators to base their services in the country.
New Proposals Online Gambling in Sweden

MP Gustav Hoffstedt wants a more open gambling system  (Photo: SpelAkademin)

Meanwhile the Dutch have discovered and even more contagious strain of bird flu to worry about with their government warning “The disease can be transmitted from animals to humans.” Which would probably worry people a little more if they weren’t already in a perpetual state of media driven fear about Ebola whose death toll rose above 5,000 just last week. Will bird flu replace Ebola at the top of the fear charts this week? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out.

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