This Week in Pictures: April 25 – May 1, 2017

Biggest news stories of the year

The world was awash with big news stories last week so lets take a moment to quickly look back over some of the most important.

In North Korea tensions on the peninsula continued to mount last week as the regime led by Kim Jong-un test fired a ballistic missile in defiance of the international pressure upon them to halt their development of nuclear weapons and a delivery system for them. The test was reported to have failed when the missile broke up shortly after take off from a site north of Pyongyang just days before the US finished installation of the THAAD air defense system in South Korea to protect the capital Seoul.

In Germany the attendance of Ivanka Trump at the G20 Women’s Summit in Berlin proved to be an illuminating occurrence as she gamely defended her father’s record on women’s issues and was both booed and hissed by the audience. Mz Trump was sat alongside IMF director Christine Lagard and German Chancellor Angela Merkel neither of whom seemed entirely convinced by Ivanka’s insistence that Donald Trump was a stalwart hardline feminist hiding inside a fat, bewigged, creepy, misogynist.

In the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte was last week invited to the White House by US President Donald Trump despite hardman Duterte waging a murderous war on drugs in his country that has seen over 8,000 people executed in extra-judicial killings, has seen Duterte himself brag of once being part of a death squad and has included him promising to eat the liver of any terrorism suspect brought before him. The invitation was ad hoc and both the State Dept and NSC are likely to raise objections.

In sports Brit Anthony Joshua beat Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko in Wembley last week to add the WBA World Heavyweight title to his IBF title in a thrilling fight in front of a post war record crowd of 90,000. Shortly after the fight Joshua issued a challenge to Tyson Fury, who is in semi-retirement at present, it was accepted by will we really see these two fight? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out but in the meantime here’s a look at some of the big stories we covered over the last week.

1. We broke down the best site that offers Eurovision betting odds for fans in the United States.

Bet on Eurovision in the US

The 2017 Eurovision will officially begin on May 9th (photo:

2. The betting odds for the UFC 212 main and co-main event are discussed.

MMMA betting

Jose Aldo will be looking to make his first title defense since losing the belt to Conor McGregor (photo:

3. GamingZion takes a look at the betting odds for the second round of the French presidential election.

Emmanuel Macron fighting

Emmanuel Macron is the significant betting favorite to win the election (photo:

4. We broke down the best site to bet on the 2017 Kentucky Derby in the UK.

Kentucky Derby betting

Fans of horse racing in the UK can bet on the Kentucky Derby with Intertops (photo:

5. Are you interested in becoming an Esports manager? We list a few ways how you can.

Esports managers

The popularity of Esports is growing around the world every single year (photo:

6. GamingZion takes a look at why betting on Formula 1 is a little less predictable than in previous years.

f1 racing this year

Mercedes’ reign of dominance over Formula 1 may come to an end in 2017 (photo:

7. We took a look at a few of the best online slot games available at Casumo Casino.

Online slot games for cash

Casumo Casino is one of the most popular online casinos in the world (photo:

In the United States police in Raleigh expressed their dismay when the staff of a local BBQ Chicken drive through broke into song at the presence of some of their officers assailing them with a rousing chorus of NWA’s classic “F*** The Police”. Officers took to social media to be dismayed and call for the staff to be sacked perhaps unknowingly suggesting that singing rude songs at police officers should be punished far more harshly than police officers who gun down innocent people in the streets are.

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