TOP 3 Lottery Winners Who Made A BIG Mistake


Posted: July 23, 2020

Updated: July 23, 2020

  • These lottery winners made the biggest mistake of their lives!
  • Maybe she won the lottery but she lost her friends because of greed
  • Marry the one you love!

Everyone wants to win the lottery. It does not matter if it is the biggest jackpot in the history of gambling or just some pocket money which you can spend during your summer vacation. The most important thing is the thrill of the chance to win! That is why gambling and casino games are so popular and that can inspire millions of people. But what if you win the lottery? Can you imagine that you hit the jackpot? What would be the first thing to do? Unfortunately, some lucky people became extremely unlucky under a second. If you are curious about the top 3 lottery winners who made a big mistake, keep on reading!

There are a lot of funny stories around lotto and the winners. If you ever watched FRIENDS you should remember one of the most epic scenes, when they wanted to win the lottery so they bought countless tickets. However, they lost one worth $10 000. Luckily, Phoebe was the only one out of the 6 friends who won something – $3 by the joker number. Although, these mistakes are not only on screen! Now we introduce you to some irresponsible lottery winners who made probably the biggest mistake of their lives!

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Etta May – Probably One of the TOP 3 Lottery Winners Who Made a BIG Mistake

If you ever played the lottery you know that there is no proof that the ticket belongs to you. The only guarantee is to keep the ticket in the safest place and does not give it to anyone. However, Etta May did not think about the consequences and gave the lottery ticket, which worth $51 000 000, to her son. The reason for this irresponsible act was that Etta became so nervous and she was afraid that she could lose the ticket. But that made her one of the most irresponsible lottery winners who made a big mistake!

lottery winners who made a big mistake
A fat prize doesn’t mean your instant success – Stay responsible!

This woman played the lottery for more than 18 years and everything would become more colorful if she does not give this ticket to her son, Thomas. However, because of her shaking hands, she asked Thomas to sign the ticket and get the money. And that is why her life became a nightmare because her son took the money from her. Etta is still suing her son to this day, however, she will probably not see her winnings again.

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Tonda Lynn – She Won The Lottery But Lost Her Friends

This lady was a worker at the Waffle House where she agreed with two of her colleagues that if any of them wins the lottery they will divide it into three. However, there is no written proof for that, only words and memories. Her colleagues suited her but not with much success as verbal agreements regarding gambling are not accepted.

However, Tonda did not know if she will win the lawsuit so she gifted half of the $10 000 000 to her family in case of loosing. Although, everyone knows that in the USA they hit these gifts by huge taxes. Unfortunately, she needed to pay $1 119 000 after the gift because of her irresponsibility. She just would have read the law before gifting or simply stick herself to the verbal agreement with her colleagues. Maybe she won the lottery but she lost her friends because of greed.

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Denis Rossi – Who Wanted to Get Rich By Divorce

Getting married to a man that you do not love is probably one of the most horrible decisions in your life. Especially, when you are the potential winner of the lottery. Luckily, her husband was sharp-minded so after approving the divorce he sued her immediately. What do you think? They halved the amount and lived happily ever after? Of course not.

lottery winners who made a big mistake
Don’t let money fool you

Thanks to the lawsuit the ex-husband, Thomas got the whole winning. At the end of the case, Denis not only lost her husband but all of her money too. As you can see, greed does not pay off at all.  Who was your favorite among the lottery winners who made a big mistake?

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