Top-3 Visually Stunning Casino Slots You Would Like To Play


Posted: August 24, 2020

Updated: August 24, 2020

  • Here are top-3 slots with the best visuals and animation
  • Check 22Bet Casino to find the most visually stunning slots

If you are looking for a new gambling experience, check these visually stunning casino slots. 3 games from our list stand out from the crowd thanks to their complicated and brilliantly made design as well as animation with the sound effects. Play them online – you will not be disappointed!

Playing slots at online casino sites in Hungary is exciting, but playing visually stunning casino slots is something beyond. Thanks to developers’ efforts, they will not only bring you profit but also make you enjoy the gaming process like never before. Check our 3 picks of slot games with the best visuals and try them now!

Pandora’s Slots has many surprises for gamblers

Pandora’s Slots by NetEnt completely fulfills the expectations that arise once you see its name. Like a true Pandora Box, this visually great casino slot will never stop disappointing you. To our mind, this is one of the most visually stunning slots ever. The slot slightly follows the Greek mythology with its ancient gods, monsters, and beasts. Playing Pandora’s Slots gives you a participation effect in ancient Greece. With its realistic background buildings, statues of gods, and attention to every detail, you will feel like you are there.

Apart from visuals, the slot has a 3×5 grid, which makes it pretty diverse and easy to win. You can play Pandora’s Slots exclusively at 22Bet Casino.

visually stunning casino slots
Let’s start spinning!

Visually stunning casino slots: Faerie Spells

Faerie Spells by Betsoft is probably the most popular slot in 2020. The game has already entered the lists of the best fantasy-themed slots. It also hit the top of the winning slots in 2020. However, its great visuals and animation allowed Faerie Spells to become one of the visually stunning casino slots that exist online.

Faerie Spells is a 3D video slot that allows you to be carried away to the enchanted forest inhabited by beautiful creatures. Both background and slot icons are made in James Cameron’s Avatar style – shining neon lights, exotic plants, and mysterious creatures with wings. Apart from them, the game features various magical artifacts located on a 3×5 grid. Add to this 1024 ways to win and try this visually stunning slot now!

Game of Thrones is a great themed slot

The Game of Thrones slot is not only one of the best GOT-themed casino games but also candy for the gambler’s eye. The game follows the plot of the worldwide famous TV series, so fans of Game of Thrones will definitely enjoy it.

Game of Thrones is a 3×3 grid slot from 22Bet that will bring you cash if you collect three symbols of Houses or key characters. Each set of symbols has its own value. For instance, if you collect three images of the Night King, your odds will be x2.2. On the contrary, the Iron Throne will multiply your winnings by x5.0, while the House of Targaryen – by x4.5. Both carry the highest winning odds in the game. The slot visuals are worth mentioning too: each emblem is detailly drawn, while the background almost copies the series. Here you have dragons flying back and forth like their prototypes from GOT, which adds the magical atmosphere to the game.

Check online gambling sites in Hungary to find slot games with the best visual effects.

You can discover more about these great slots here at 22Bet Casino!

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