Top-5 Greatest Racehorses Ever

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greatest racehorses ever

Like any other sport, horse racing can boast its own legends. During the long history of horse racing, there have been many remarkable four-legged competitors with impressive results. If you are interested in this popular sport, you should learn the names of the greatest racehorses ever.

Horse racing is undoubtedly one of the oldest sports competitions in the world. It is also considered as one of the reasons why betting on sports has emerged. During its long history, horse racing fans have seen many record-breaking competitors, but which horses are the best of the best? Let’s see top-5 GOATs in horse racing.

Winx is one of the greatest racehorses ever

Australian horse Winx is one of the main superstars in horse racing in the 21st century. One of the bookmakers’ favorites at online sportsbooks in Australia, she was born in 2011 and started her racing career three years later. Winx won her first 3 races, but then a series of misfortunes took place. However, it didn’t prevent her from becoming one of the strongest competitors on the track.

Winx has broken several records during her career. She won 33 consecutive races in 2014-2019. It includes 25 consecutive Group One wins, which is an absolute record. Additionally, Winx became the top-ranked horse in the world in 2016 and kept this title for two years. By the moment of her retirement in April 2019, Winx earned 26 million Australian dollars. 

Haven’t you heard about Spectacular Bid?

Spectacular Bid was undoubtedly one of the main American stars in horse racing. Born in 1976, this Thoroughbred racehorse became the leader of its time. He won 26 races out of 30, which is one of the best results in history.

During his long-lasting career, Spectacular Bid earned more than $2,7 million, a then-record sum. Also, the start of his career was pretty remarkable with 2 consecutive wins followed by twelve first places in a row at the age of 4. The same year he was named the horse of the year in America. Unfortunately, Spectacular Bid died in 2003.

greatest racehorses ever
The Legendary Spectacular Bid – Image source: Visindar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Man o’ War was a legend in the 20th century

American Man o’ War is widely considered one of the greatest racehorses ever by numerous sports editions. He was born in 1917 and started competing at the age of two. He immediately became an odds-on favorite and met all expectations: during his career, Man o’ War won 20 races out of 21! His only loss took place in the 1919 Stanford Stakes; at all other competitions, the horse was unbeatable. Thanks to the impressive list of wins, several titles as the Horse of The Year, and induction into the Hall of Fame, Man o’ War became one of the best horses in the 20th century. You can bet on the next horse to enter the Hall of Fame at the 1xBET Sportsbook.

Frankel is on the list of the greatest racehorses ever 

A retired British champion Frankel is a living legend in horse racing. He joined the competitions at the age of two and immediately became a number-one star. During his career, Frankel has won 14 races out of 14, which made him the unbeatable champion of his time.

Frankel has been one of the best horses in the world before his retirement. Besides winning in all his races, he was the highest-rated racehorse in the world from May 2011. Also, Timeform gave Frankel a rating of 143 after winning the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes – this is the highest-ever mark. In general, he won $3 million in all races. 7

greatest racehorses ever
Frankel in 2010 – Image source: RacingKel, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Was unbeatable Black Caviar the best horse of all time?

Black Caviar is probably the best Australian horse ever. Born in 2006, this horse is one of few unbeatable competitors in sports history. She won 25 races out of 25. She was named WTRR World Champion Sprinter in four consecutive years (2010-2013). Also, Black Caviar has earned almost $8 million during her career that ended in 2013. With such a big list of achievements, no wonder that she was a punters’ favorite at online gambling sites in Australia. Do you agree that she is the best racehorse ever?

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