Top Tips For Mastering Dice Throws In Craps


Posted: September 15, 2023

Updated: September 15, 2023

In the casino table game of craps, the "shooter" needs to toss the dice down the length of the games table, have them bounce off the backwall and then land. This allows for a very random result. Yet there are hard-core players who believe that a certain hand grip, or style of throw, will have an influence on the eventual results.

As a newcomer to the world of craps, you might believe that mastering the art of throwing dice in this game is irrelevant due to its randomness. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not about predicting the exact outcome of the dice, but rather about influencing their trajectory to limit randomness. In addition to honing the physical aspects of dice throws in craps, such as hand position and table placement, focusing on hitting a specific spot on the table allows you to reduce unpredictability and maintain control over the roll.

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How To Make Proper Dice Throws In Craps

Before delving into valuable tips and techniques, it’s essential to understand the fundamental rules of dice throws in craps.

  • Rule No.1 – Ensure that the dice makes contact with the back wall of the table before coming to rest on the felt. It’s also acceptable if they briefly touch the felt during their journey to the back wall. 
  • Rule No.2 – Don’t throw the dice too high. Doing so may prompt the dealer to declare it a “no-roll” and move on to the next shooter. 

This forms the foundation of learning how to roll dice effectively in craps. Once you’ve mastered these basic rules and avoided beginner mistakes, you’ll progress and refine your dice-throwing skills, gaining greater control and confidence in your technique. Only then you consider placing bets.

The Best Table Position For Dice Throws In Craps

Many seasoned craps players, who can be found enjoying craps at 22Bet Casino, believe that your choice of seating can make a considerable influence on the outcome of all dice rolls in craps. Among these proponents, there is a general feeling that positioning yourself near the dealer leads to the greatest advantage.

dice throws in craps
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Why, you might ask? Well, in the realm of craps, the dealer, known as the stickman, is typically stationed at the table’s shorter side and closer to its rear, where the dice are intended to rebound. Being closer to this pivotal location gives you better control over the dice, enabling you to make gentler throws. So, the next time you find yourself at the casino, consider requesting a seat near the dealer!

Ensuring Dry And Non-Sticky Fingers

Let’s be clear; maintaining clean hands is a fundamental rule at all times. There’s no excuse for wandering about with dirty hands. This principle extends to dice rolls in craps. Try this experiment at home: roll a pair of dice with sticky hands, and then try it again after washing and thoroughly drying your hands. Dice, like most objects, glide more smoothly across clean surfaces. Your skin is no exception to this rule. In live craps play, it’s advisable to carry a tissue or napkin with you to properly dry your fingers before each throw.

Dice Throws In Craps Configuration

In the realm of craps, the way you arrange the dice can significantly impact your objectives. Here are various methods to set the dice for better dice throws in craps:

dice throws in craps
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  • All 7 Set – If you’re new to craps, the All 7 Set is an ideal starting point. This arrangement involves placing sevens on the front, back, and faces of the dice. To achieve this set, there are three possible combinations: 2:5, 5:2, 4:3, and 5:2.
  • Hardway Set – Another popular dice roll in craps configuration is the “Hardway” set, which is particularly suitable for beginners. With this setup, you align the dice so that the die on the left displays a 6 to the left, while the die on the right shows a 1, positioned to the right. The Hardway set allows you to exhibit hardway numbers (2:2, 3:3, 4:4, 5:5) on the dice’s faces, effectively reducing the likelihood of rolling a 7.
  • 3V Set – Some players opt for the 3V set, arranging the dice with three sides facing up to form the letter V. With this configuration, the top side shows the hard six (two threes), the front displays a six (5+1), the back exhibits an eight (6+2), and the bottom features the hard eight (4+4). This dice setup is suitable for intermediate-level players aiming to hit inside numbers, sixes, or eights.
  • 2V Set – If your goal is to target fours, tens, and outside numbers, the 2V set is the preferred choice. In this arrangement, both dice have their 2 sides facing up, showing four, ten, five, or nine.
  • Crossed Sixes – Seeking success on the come-out roll? Consider using the Crossed Sixes technique. Position both dice so that their 6 sides are not aligned. When you roll the dice end over end, this setup can increase your chances of hitting any of the outside numbers.
  • Straight Sixes – In contrast to Crossed Sixes, the Straight Sixes strategy involves aligning the sixes on both dice while placing fives on the back. This approach can also help minimise the occurrence of sevens.

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Check Your Grip Making Dice Rolls In Craps

When practising your dice grip, ensure your hands are dry and clean. In essence, the grip should be firm but not overly tight. Avoid squeezing the dice too hard, as this can lead to them slipping out of your hand. Instead, maintain a grip that keeps the dice together without allowing them to move in different directions.

By preventing the dice from shifting during your dice throws in craps, you can increase the likelihood of them travelling in a consistent formation over a longer distance, thereby enhancing your control and reducing randomness. Remember, the key to the best dice rolls in craps is minimising unpredictability, and prolonging their uniform trajectory will help you achieve a more predictable outcome.

How To Properly Throw Dice In Craps

Have you ever played golf? Just like when swinging a golf club, dice rolls in craps require precise technique to achieve the desired outcome. How you handle and release the dice can significantly impact the results of your roll. To improve your throwing technique, consider the following steps:

dice throws in craps
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  • Position your hand over the dice, and hold them from the side.
  • Use your thumb and the side of your index finger to grip the dice pair.

Online gambling news in the UK states that this grip will help you maintain your desired dice set and ensure that they stay together as they travel through the air and onto the table. By mastering this technique, you can fine-tune your dice rolls in craps over time, ensuring that the dice land softly and consistently in your desired landing zone.

Your Dice Landing Zone

The landing zone is a 4-inch (10cm) diameter area where you aim for the dice to land. Since different craps tables may have varying surfaces, it’s essential to assess the table conditions during the come-out dice throws in craps. Take note of how hard or soft the table surface is, your position at the table, and adjust your landing zone accordingly. You’ll know you’ve found the right landing zone when your dice hit the table wall simultaneously, make a gentle bounce, and land together smoothly. Keep in mind that if the table’s back wall is bouncier than usual, you may need to adjust the force of your toss to compensate for the added bounce. Additionally, always check for any chips or obstacles near your chosen landing zone, as they could disrupt your best dice rolls in craps. 

Playing The Best Version Of Craps Online

Though you can’t use these dice throws in craps techniques at online casinos, these virtual table games allow you to practise something just as important, namely, bankroll control. Playing at one of the best online casino sites in the UK like 22Bet Casino needs more than just a good technique, but also an understanding of how to stretch out your cash. Obviously, the longer you can play for the bigger the chance of scoring some great winnings.

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