Top Tricks for Amateur Sports Bettors!


Posted: December 15, 2020

Updated: December 15, 2020

  • Pick one sport only and focus on it
  • Bet on sports you have some information about
  • Set objectives that are realistic before you start betting
  • Compare odds at different bookmakers

If you have just discovered the world of sports betting, some tricks for amateur sports bettors will make your experience much more successful!

Sports betting is one of the most favorite pastimes of many gamblers all over the world. Some people bet on sports to entertain while others are into it aiming for profits. Whatever the reason you have, it is always better to know some basic tips in order to protect yourself from additional losses. You might know about bankroll management in sports betting and some other tips, but we are here to expand your knowledge.

Betting on sports is different from betting on games of chance like lottery, slots, roulette, etc. Thus, it’s not just about being lucky, your knowledge and practice determine much better than just luck. So, read carefully the tips below!

Tricks for Amateur Sports Bettors – Set Objectives

Setting objectives is one of the simplest tricks for amateur sports bettors, yet, many gamblers do not even know how to set realistic objectives in gambling.

Nevertheless, you need to bet with a purpose and that purpose should be realistic and achievable. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to reach that goal and will discourage you.

Even if you do not set the objective, you might win some streaks in the beginning. But you need the objectives to make those winnings more consistent.

Visit Forums and Find the Like-Minded Gamblers

There are so many like-minded gamblers that you can come across at online casinos in the US. Besides, visiting different forums and boards where you can also find many other gamblers can make the overall experience more joyful. You already have something in common – gambling, and you can discuss it and share your experience with each other.

Tricks for amateur sports bettors
Let’s bet!

Bet With Value

Though some sports bettors can forget about how important the value betting is, it is very simple.

In value betting, you compare the probability of a certain result against its odds. When the event has a positive value, the odds are remarkably high. Thus, check if the expected value is positive for the events you want to bet.

Compare Odds at Different Bookmakers First Before Placing Your Bets

There are many online gambling sites in the US and not all of them offer identical odds for the events. Therefore, always compare the odds for the particular event at different bookmakers before placing your bets. Going for the first bookmaker found without even comparing it to others is one of the typical mistakes in sports betting. So, avoid doing this.

And always look for the bookmakers that offer the best odds. Check the Betway Sportsbook – it not only offers the best betting odds but also has a great variety of games and online gambling bonuses in the US.

Do Not Go for All Sports at Once – Pick Just One

You just start exploring the world of sports betting, therefore, going for all sports at once is definitely not the best thing to do.

Betting on sports requires you to have a certain knowledge of the sport you picked. And the deeper your knowledge and research, the greater your chances to win are. But if you choose several sports at once, you will not be able to analyze them all deeply. Hence, in the beginning, focusing on one sport is one of the important tricks for amateur sports bettors.

You will simply have more time to devote to the analysis of the sport type. If you hesitate with picking the right sport, then, search for the best sports to bet on and you can choose one from those.

Pick the Sports You Have Some Information About

Once you picked the sport, make sure that it’s the one that you know much better than other sports. Just as we said before, the wider the information you have, the higher the possibility of you winning the bets. With the greater knowledge, you will simply make better choices. But what if you choose the sports you know nothing about?

Gambling sites offer so many different sports to bet on, so, it might be very luring to go for several games at once. But as one of the tricks for amateur sports bettors, we suggest you stick to one sport only. As you gain more knowledge and practice, you can start exploring other sports as well.

Tricks for amateur sports bettors
Follow these easy tips!

Keep the Records of Your Bets to Analyze Them Over Time

And we will end our list of tricks for amateur sports bettors by advising you to keep the records of your games. This data will help you do better in sports betting than many other gamblers. And here is why.

First of all, it will simply help you to manage your bankroll and keep the track of it much better. For the gamblers, it is crucial to know how much money flows in and out. Otherwise, you will not even know if you are making a profit or not. Besides, keeping the records will allow you to view your bets that you placed over time. This will help you determine which sports betting strategies you implemented were more successful. You will be able to analyze the strategies that worked for you and generate some new ones as well.

These were the main tricks for sports betting amateurs – try them out and you’ll see that you are going better than you did!

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