Betting Strategies: Best Time To Bet On Sports Revealed


Posted: July 24, 2020

Updated: July 24, 2020

  • Time of placing a bet on sports really matters
  • Check the reasons why you should be attentive to the betting time
  • Our guide will help you to choose the best day to wager on sports to win
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Believe it or not, but betting strategies include perfect timing as well. Time, when the wager is placed, can also affect the winning chances. Let’s see what is the best time to bet on sports and what hours or days you should avoid to save money.

There are plenty of popular betting strategies giving tips on how to bet on sports & win. None of them, however, includes such an important thing as time. Yes, the perfectly chosen time of placing a bet also matters if you want to increase your winning chances. Read our guide to know when you should place wagers at sportsbooks to hope for a payout.

Why should you consider time while betting?

Before speaking about the best time to bet on sports, let’s clarify reasons to consider time while placing bets. Why is it important to know when you can bet or not? There are at least three arguments speaking for it.

  • Bigger profit. Perfectly chosen time for betting can seriously affect your payouts in case of winning. The trick is that the same bet on the same event can change its odds, so you need to know the point when they become the most profitable. E.g. you want to bet on a football match, which is coming in two weeks. During this period, both participants can play against other teams, and the outcomes of those matches can affect your stake as well. Depending on your favorite to win or lose, the odds may rise and drop;
  • Odds diversity. Another reason to pay attention to the betting time is odds diversity. Let’s say, you want to bet on the winner of the next EPL match. At first, odds on the winner appear, but if you want to multiply your winnings, it would be better to wait for additional predictions to be added;
  • Human factor. In addition, let’s not exclude a human factor. Some days and hours are better for visiting online sportsbooks in the UK as you do not feel exhausted, unattentive, or sleepy yet; all this can affect your choices badly. In other words, you do not see straight enough to analyze all possible outcomes of the match. Now, let’s see what is the best time to bet on sports.

What is the best time to bet on sports?

Obviously, there is no particular success formula or commonly accepted “lucky days” of placing sports bets. However, you can significantly increase your winning chances and make your choice more carefully if you pay attention to this advice. There usually are three best timing options for wagering on sports (including live betting).

best time to bet on sports
The odds are continuously changing – Image source: Flickr

Bet before the game starts

As we have already mentioned, the betting outcome of the football match between Teams A and B can be affected by the passing results of both of them. It means that freshly released odds will be different by the time the bet is closed. Therefore, if you want to bet on Team A as your favorite, but it does not show its best during other matches, odds on it may change. If you spot it on the last day, you better bet on Team B even if you do not support it. Read also why you should not bet on your favorite clubs all the time.

Another reason to choose the last days before the game for betting is the risk of the event cancellation. Sometimes, matches or other competitions can be postponed or even canceled due to various reasons. To avoid a headache with getting your money back, it is safer to bet right before the game starts. However, if you choose Bet365 Sportsbook for sports betting, you do not have to worry about refunds; it gives money back within a few days.

Best days/hours to wager

If speaking about the human factor, i.e. tiredness and attentiveness, the best time to bet on sports would be morning on Saturday. Why? Primarily, it is the first day off after a working week. You will still stay alert after five days of work, as things may get worse on Sunday. Your mind will be able to analyze stats and evaluate risks unbiasedly.

Betting on sports on Monday and other workdays is not recommended; neither in the morning nor in the evening. You will feel too tired after work to be attentive to predictions while hurrying up in the morning is also a bad idea. 

Live bets

Things are a bit different with making live bets. Usually, live betting is very limited by time as you have to decide who to wager on during the game. To avoid mistakes, the first thing you should do is read predictions, stats, and reviews before the match. It will help you in the process of betting. Then, choose one or maximum 2 odds to bet on (e.g. the winner of the match and one particular goalscorer) and focus just on them. Pay special attention to the player you want to wager on during the first halftime if he usually scored within 45 minutes, or vice versa.

best time to bet on sports
Live bets are super entertaining

Read about the best live betting tips to know how to win.

Where to bet on sports events?

To bet on sports events, visit online gambling sites in the UK. There are plenty of sportsbooks with high rates, welcome bonuses, and a variety of betting options. In particular, you can check Bet365 Sportsbook as the #1 betting site in Europe. Before you start betting on football matches or other competitions, remember our tips concerning the best time to bet on sports!

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