Best Strategies to Beat the Bookies


Posted: March 12, 2020

Updated: March 12, 2020

  • Simple but useful tips for fresh gamblers
  • Learn how to choose betting sites, odds & topics
  • Articles on the latest betting strategies will help gambling experts

If you are green in betting or just looking for the best strategies to beat the bookies, this article is what you need. Our guide through betting tips and tricks will show you how to choose odds accurately and what websites you should choose to win.

Regardless of your experience in sports betting, it is always useful to refresh in mind some basics in choosing the odds to wager. If you are a newcomer, this article will introduce you to the world of gambling in the simplest way. So, this is what you will learn from strategies to beat the bookies:

  • how to bet on sports & other events correctly
  • why some sportsbooks are better than others
  • how to choose odds that will work out
  • why shouldn’t you always bet on favorites

To learn more about the freshest news on betting tips, you can read about betting hacks in 2020. Meanwhile, we will get back to the roots and introduce the basics of betting to you.

Strategies to beat the bookies: where to start?

The first step in betting is and always will be choosing an event you are going to wager. It is better if you are familiar with the betting topic at least briefly as your chances to win double. For instance, if you are a Rihanna fan and follow the latest news about this Barbadian singer, betting on her cooperation with LVMH will easily bring you some cash as you know everything about terms of their partnership. Being familiar with a topic you would like to bet on also saves your time as you don’t have to google what LVMH is or why it benefits from working with RiRi.

However, you shouldn’t be an all-knowing expert in a betting field you choose. If you bet on football competitions, it is enough to have an idea of the UEFA Euro, Champions League or whatever you’d like to win money from. So, we recommend you to choose events you are good at or get familiar with them via our sportsbooks news. We daily cover various topics starting with the next EPL winner odds to bets on Brangelina to get back together. Everyone aged between 21-101 will find interesting bets to benefit from.

Choosing the right sportsbook site also matters

The next one of the strategies to beat the bookies is the right choice of sportsbooks or gambling sites. It is important to find a perfect betting platform, which is a) trustworthy, b) well ranked, and c) has clear terms and conditions. Also, sportsbooks must be available in your country, so always choose your location while browsing GamingZion and looking for a perfect site.

If speaking about the best sportsbooks in the UK, here are the top-5 best-ranked sites according to GamingZion.

However, if you find the odds you like at other betting sites, it doesn’t mean they are suspicious. As we place only reliable sites at GamingZion, lower ranks of some may signify that certain users don’t like their design or range of betting categories, which doesn’t affect quality for sure.

Strategies to beat the bookies: choosing the odds

Here comes the crucial part of every betting. How to choose the odds that will work out? This is the question every gambler googled at least once. In fact, there is no 100% right answer as even the best odds sometimes fail.

strategies to beat the bookies
Learn these easy strategies!

There are two ways of picking up the winning combination at any UK sportsbook site. As we mentioned above, getting familiar with the event you’d like to bet on is useful, so once you examined bookmakers’ predictions, turn to the statistics.

For instance, team A vs team B football match is coming and you want to bet on one of them to win. You should keep in mind two things: positions of both teams in the tournament they’re playing and the result of all their previous matches against each other. If team A leads the odds & standings, while team B is a runner-up, it may seem that team A is a favorite. But pay attention to the second factor aka previous individual games results. If team B has beaten team A by a wide margin, it would be better to bet on team B to win although it is an underdog. In this case, your jackpot will be even higher as team B has higher odds than team A.

Why shouldn’t you always bet on favorites?

One of the most spread mistakes in online betting is choosing favorites by default. People don’t often look at the other bets if there is an obvious leader with the best odds. However, this often leads to disappointment when the best-odds holder fails to win. It may happen for various reasons including a human factor and ignoring the statistics. Also, you should know that it’s not bookmakers who define favorites at sportsbook sites. Events, celebs or athletes with the lowest odds are there because punters bet on them the most. So, basically you trust your money to people like you. So, keep your head cool and make analysis on your own before choosing your own favorite.

Bonus: related articles

If you want to learn more about how to use advanced strategies to beat the bookies, here are some useful articles.

One of the most used strategies is called over under betting. This article is a must-read for those who prefer wagering on sports like football, basketball, baseball, etc. It helps to make money on a total score and not be fooled by bookmakers’ odds on this or that team to win. If you are a soccer fan only, the 2-3 goals betting strategy is one of the most used there. It allows you to make the right choice even during a live game, which is pretty cool.  

Finally, the best 2019 betting strategies will help you to learn more about odds and ways of choosing them according to the latest researchers. In particular, Fibonacci & Proportional betting strategies are among the most popular nowadays.

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