Trump in the Home Alone 2 Scene: Weird Bets

  • After US President was permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook, they want Trump in the Home Alone 2 scene disappear.
  • Who is going to replace Trump in the movie?
  • Let's check all the latest bets on the topic!
Trump in the Home Alone 2 Scene

The winter holidays are over, people have watched both parts of Home Alone and seem to have resigned themselves to Trump’s cameo in one scene of the film. However, after the recent capture of the Capitol, social media users decided to return to their favorite movie and change the 45th President of the United States to other characters. The first to come up with the idea was journalist Joseph Longo of MEL Magazine. In this article, let’s check all bets on Trump in the Home Alone 2 scene.

Why will Trump disappear from the famous movie?

After US President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook, he was expected to be digitally removed from the movie Home Alone 2, where he had a cameo. Also, it became known that the actor Christopher Plummer may replace Trump. The source of the information was a verified Twitter account of Dan Slott, author of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and more comics. Indeed, the news turned into a viral meme, which users actively shared on Twitter. Moreover, the information about Trump in the Home Alone 2 scene has spread very widely.

However, just a few hours later, Dan Slott admitted that he was joking. “Hi. This was not new. It was a joke. It’s scary that I have to write about this 21 hours later, but such are the times. Hey. Once again, this was not news. It was a joke”. Sadly, some people did not understand the joke, taking it for serious information. After all, there were examples of such situations. Most notably, Christopher Plummer replaced actor Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World after Spacey was accused of sexual harassment in 2017. Online casinos in the USA are already making predictions about what will happen to Trump.

Trump in the Home Alone 2

We should mention that Donald Trump was already a famous person in the United States in the early nineties. He appeared in a cameo in Home Alone 2, where he told young Kevin where to go. Moreover, Trump has also starred in other films and popular television series. Home Alone 2 was set in New York. The main character, a boy named Kevin, checked into the Plaza, one of the city’s most famous hotels. Then Plaza still belonged to Donald Trump. Therefore, Trump allowed filming in the Plaza only if he appears in the picture. The director Chris Columbus agreed on this condition.

In the film, Kevin meets Trump and asks for directions to the lobby. The focus group liked the scene, so Columbus left it in the final version. However, now the fans of the movie want to replace Trump, for example, with Keanu Reeves whom everyone loves. Other fans added a stranger to the shot who asks Kevin not to talk to the bad uncle. One more idea is the greetings from the future when matured Macaulay Culkin welcomes himself as a child. Another Photoshop master decided to add Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars. Meanwhile, someone thought “Why not replace Trump with a woman?” and introduced Kevin McCallister to country singer Dolly Parton. Finally, Joe Biden can play this part.

Trump in the Home Alone 2 Scene
Bet on trump!

On Canadian TV for Christmas 2019, the film already aired without a cameo role of Donald Trump. According to The Guardian, the Canadian broadcaster deleted the episode to cram more ads. This happened long before the storming of the Capitol and the excesses of the Black Lives Matter movement. Thus, This Could Be Your Last Chance To Bet On Donald Trump in the Bet Online Sportsbook. Do not miss it!

Macaulay Culkin agrees to ban Trump

American actor Macaulay Culkin, “matured” Kevin from the cult Christmas movie of the nineties Home Alone and its sequel, unexpectedly supported the idea of ​​removing Trump in the Home Alone 2 scene. Indeed, attentive Twitter users drew attention to Culkin’s comment under the post of a certain @maxschramp, who, using a photomontage, “cut” Trump, explaining to the boy how to get to the hotel lobby.

In the video made by popular demand, Culkin’s hero seems to be turning into emptiness. “Bravo” is what 40-year-old Culkin wrote underneath. Besides, he supported the idea of ​​launching a petition to replace Trump in this scene with Culkin himself but adulthood. Meanwhile, users of social networks suggesting not to waste on trifles and embed Joe Biden in the film. Recall that Donald Trump insisted that he be included in an episode that was filmed in the lobby of a hotel owned by a businessman. And the film crew did not mind. Online sportsbooks in the USA are already making their predictions about this movie.

The Screen Actors Guild will conduct a disciplinary investigation against Trump

The Screen Actors Guild of the United States represents the interests of approximately 160,000 actors, journalists, and radio hosts. Lately, on the official website of this organization, a message appeared that its disciplinary committee will hold a hearing against the 45th US President Donald Trump. According to the Screen Actors Guild Press Service: “Today, at a special meeting, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists overwhelmingly supported the search for a possible cause of violation of the SAG-AFTRA Constitution by its member Donald Trump. This issue will be reviewed by the SAG-AFTRA Disciplinary Committee.”

We are talking about accusations related to the role of Donald Trump in the storming of the US Capitol on January 6. Indeed, the statement says the US President’s support for a disinformation campaign that “discredits the work of the media and poses a threat to the safety of journalists.” When exactly the hearing will take place has not yet been announced. Moreover, the Screen Actors Guild can reprimand Donald Trump, impose a fine, or revoke his membership in an organization he has been a member of since 1989.

Earlier, Republican Majority Leader in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, once considered an ally of Trump, issued a statement in which he blamed the Republican President for the riots in Washington and the storming of the Capitol. Then, during the riots, 5 people were killed. We will remind you that Trump is accused of incitement to rebellion. Moreover, he became the first-ever US president to be impeached twice. Trump’s case in the upper house of the American parliament will be heard after the inauguration of Joseph Biden. Indeed, Trump has already recorded his farewell video message to the nation as President of the United States. Let’s remember 2020 Trump Predictions before visiting the Bet Online sportsbook.

Where else will he disappear from except Trump in the Home Alone 2?

The official website of the US Congress will remove the image of Donald Trump from 4,000 official photographs taken in 2016-2020. As explained in the department, Trump has shown himself as an enemy of the American people and deserves only oblivion. Indeed, the decision was taken unanimously at a meeting of Senate activists after the performance of the US anthem. Taking turns, senators branded and denounced Trump’s personality cult, renounced his anti-democratic policies, and put GOP membership cards on the table. Image editing will be entrusted to the Liberty-1937 neural network, developed by Facebook to combat the spread of ideas that threaten freedom of speech and democracy.

Trump in the Home Alone 2 Scene
What will he do next?

“We trained our neural network on the statements of tyrants: Pol Pot, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Robert Mugabe. After 3000 hours of training, the network not only unmistakably finds a threat to democracy in the messages of these individuals but also knows how to remove their images from photos, replacing them with the background. Where this is impossible, instead of an unwanted character, a photo of someone more acceptable is inserted: Greta Thunberg, Ilona Mask, or Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It will take us no more than 10 hours to fully edit the Congress photo archive, ”said Nicholas Hedgehog.

The final list of bans

Social media users have compiled a full list of sites that have blocked the accounts of incumbent US President Donald Trump or imposed restrictions on associated communities and companies. In particular, this list “walks” on the social network Facebook. Besides, it briefly outlines the reasons for the blockages.

  • First, Twitter social network, video streaming service for gamers Twitch and mobile messaging app Snapchat blocked official Trump accounts;
  • Second, social networks Facebook and Instagram banned the head of the White House from posting for at least the next two weeks until the transition of power to Democrat Joe Biden is completed;
  • Third, the Google Play app store removed the Parler app which is a Twitter analog popular with American conservatives;
  • Apple website threatened to remove Parler from the App Store if the creators did not develop a plan to moderate their content;
  • Besides, video hosting YouTube promises to issue strikes to channels that publish misinformation about the past US elections;
  • Service for creating and viewing short videos TikTok and photo hosting Pinterest- promise to remove content with pro-Trump hashtags, for example, #stormthecapitol, #patriotparty, #stopthesteal, and #QAnon;
  • Social news site Reddit and messenger Discord blocked unofficial communities dedicated to Trump;
  • Finally, Shopify, a software developer for online and retail stores, has blocked two stores that sell Trump’s merchandise.

Thus, Trump in the Home Alone 2 scene is not the last ban. Check all Donald Trump Twitter Predictions 2021 and make your winning bet at Bet Online Sportsbook. Good luck!

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