UEFA Nations League Matchday 3 Betting Highlights

Italy will play in Chorzów on their 3rd matchday of the UEFA Nations League. Online sportsbook sites in Poland argue that it’s almost impossible to predict the winner of the game. In Division D, Luxembourg players have the opportunity to do something historical by winning their group, but first they have to achieve a good result in Belarus. The Bulgarian national team has also made it into our Nations League Matchday 3 betting highlights as their players have a good chance to get their third consecutive win by beating Cyprus in Sofia.

Nations League Matchday 3 Betting Highlights

UEFA Nations League Matchday 3 Betting Highlights

# Team Draw Team
1. Poland  X Italy
Odds 2.80 3.20 2.45
2. Bulgaria  X Cyprus
Odds 1.50 3.85 8.25
3. Belarus  X Luxembourg
Odds  1.57  3.70  6.80
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By introducing Nations Leaugue, UEFA provides a chance for European countries to qualify for EURO 2020 even if they struggle during the Qualifiers. Based on their UEFA coefficients, teams were placed into one of the four divisions. Those countries, who manage to win their division, are automatically going to be qualified for EURO 2020. This means a historical opportunity for countries like Luxemburg, Kosovo or Macedonia, who would probably never make it to the tournament through the original qualification system.

Poland v Italy (14 October)

Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski

The Italians are visiting Poland on 14th October to play a hardly predictable game of football. The odds are 2.80 on the home side, 3.20 on a draw and 2.45 on Italy at Unibet Sportsbook, while online sportsbook sites in Poland claim that both teams have a chance to nick 3 points from the other. Even a draw could be fatal for Italy, as they haven’t win any of their first two matches. Lewandowski’s team is also desperate to get a victory at home after playing a draw in Bologna last month.

Bulgaria v Cyprus (13 October)

Bulgaria started Nations League in a magnificent way. The Eastern-Europeans managed to beat Norway and Slovenia in the first two rounds, and on 13th October they’ll play against Cyprus in Sofia. By collecting all of the 3 points, Bulgaria could secure their lead in the 3rd Group of Division C. Unibet expects that it’s going to be their day, the odds are 1.50 on them, 3.85 on a draw and 8.25 on Cyprus.

Belarus v Luxembourg (12 October)

We also have to keep an eye on Luxembourg in our Nations League Matchday 3 Betting Highlights, as they’ve confidently beaten Moldova and San Marino. Even though this means they’re currently leading their group, their toughest opponent is yet to come: on 12th October they’ll face Belarus away. It’s now or never for Luxembourg, as they could keep their hopes of the EURO 2020 qualification alive by stealing a single point from Minsk. Unibet Sportsbook argues that it would be a kind of a miracle, as the odds are 6.80 on Luxemburg, 3.70 on a draw and 1.57 on Belarus at the moment.

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