Ultimate List of Top 50 Weird Names in the NFL (PART III)

Ultimate List of Top 50 Weird Names in the NFL

This is our third piece to remember those, who were cursed or blessed by their parents: our Top 50 Weird Names in the NFL series with past and present professional football players!

Sometimes internet betting players see a footballer with a crazy name on his back and can only think that, “God! What were the poor guy’s parents thinking?” It’s quite tough to play a career of an NFL linebacker with the name of a porn actress, but obviously in the end it will make you even stronger. So, check out the list of players, who had their biggest tests in their lives when they had to introduce themselves! Read the third part of the Top 50 Weird Names in the NFL!

30. Tshimanga Biakabutuka

The fact that the former running back was born in Zaire – back when the Democratic Republic of the Congo was called Zaire – is an explanation for his overly exotic name. But for English speakers it is also understandable that the eighth overall pick at the 1996 NFL draft was given a much simpler nickname at school: ‘Touchdown Tim’.

29. Prince Amukamara

Prince Amukamara

Prince Amukamara, real name (Photo: Key & Peele )

Prince is Amukamara’s given name, and not because his parents met at a concert of the Purple Rain Tour, but because the New York Giants cornerback is from Royal Igbo Nigerian descent. One day he might become a chief of Awo-Omamma in Nigeria. By the way he has a sister called ‘Princess’…

28. Ali Haji-Sheikh

No, the placekicker, who won Super Bowl XXII with the Washington Redskins is not from an Iranian royal family. His father was an aerospace engineer instead, who taught Ali soccer and football. It is a common pattern for placekickers to try themselves in soccer, anyone who bet on sports in the US would know that, but Ali was much more versatile than that: ‘aero’ skills were in his genes, so at high school he also played wide receiver and defensive back.

27. Christine Michael

He is a 2013 second rounder running back, who was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks, not a female Olympic track runner. Unfortunately for him, his mother wanted a girl badly, so she had chosen the name before she found out that she was having a boy. If he’ll ever have a son, I think he’s gonna name him Bill or George! Anything but Christine!

26. Webster Slaughter

Wow, how cool this name is! And it would have been especially cool if Slaughter played in a strong safety or a linebacker position. However, he was a wide receiver who busted defensive backs instead, managing to catch franchise record yards for the Cleveland Browns in 1989.

25. John David Booty

It could be quite funny to collect all the butt slaps after a touchdown pass with a name ‘Booty’ on your jersey. However, it seems that it is way harder to get a position on any of the NFL depth chart’s with that blessing. The former USC quarterback tried himself out at three NFL franchises, most recently the Houston Texans, but he failed to make an impact. His brother, Josh, however played for the Cleveland Browns, as well as the Florida Marlins in the MLB. Maybe talent matters after all.

24. Earthwind Moreland

Yes, he was indeed named after Earth, Wind & Fire, being his mother’s favorite band. That was the Super Seventies, but this combination with his surname makes him called like a wizard from an eighties fantasy. He played cornerback for several NFL teams, most notably for the New England Patriots.

23. Reggie Corner

Yes, Reggie Corner was a cornerback indeed! Would you think that? That is the perfect NFL naming, a self-fulfilling prophecy. The 2008 fourth round draft pick played for the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars, and is a product of Akron.

22. Star Lotulelei

I would like to see people’s reaction when Star introduced himself, “Hey, I am Star,” like, “I bet you are…” Well, the 2013 first rounder was a star at Utah and is also a star in the Carolina Panthers’ defensive line. He is from Tonga, the brother-in-law of New Zealand All Blacks rugby league forward Fuifui Moimoi.

21. Golden Tate

Avoiding the annoyance of playing for the Golden State Warriors, Golden Tate III put his efforts into football and baseball instead. He was drafted by the San Francisco Giants, but to evade the Golden State, he went to play wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks instead. Many of those who wager at online sportsbooks in the EU might remember that there he became a Super Bowl champion in 2014, and was later signed by the Detriot Lions.

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