Unsafe Release? 7 Things It Could Mean For Finn Valtteri Bottas

Finland Formula One

The Williams Formula One team found themselves accused of an “Unsafe Release” But just what does that mean? Well here’s seven things it could be. Can you spot which one is correct?

1. Retaliation

Syria airstrike

Airstrikes on Syria (Photo: NBC)

Unsafe release could mean the dropping of high explosive ordinance over a populated area like Raqqa because the terrorist loonies that have been blowing your friends up lately happen to be based there. Collateral damage is certain, civilian casualties a high probability, and taking over the whole of Afghanistan didn’t stop the nutters there, so why are we gambling superstitions like religious belief can be defeated from 20,000 feet up by dropping bombs on it? Unsafe? It’s insane.

2. Irradiation


The abandoned city of Chernobyl (Photo: ABC)

Of course there have been several unsafe release situations involving nuclear power. I’m gambling news reports of Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three-Mile Island didn’t escape your notice and that you’re already aware of just how inconvenient nuclear radiation can be when you’re trying to get out and about to do the shopping, a extensive exclusion zone can really cramp your itinerary. The same goes for toxic chemical gas leakage – just ask the people in Bhopal……..the ones that aren’t dead, obviously.

3. Interception

Russian warplane

Russian warplane shot down in Turkey (Photo: Mirror)

Well if you’re a NATO nation launching an air-to-air missile at a Russian combat aircraft after it has strayed into your airspace for a grand total of 17 seconds is pretty much a text book unsafe release of ordinance. Not only does it result in the death of someone who isn’t actually your enemy, but causes a larger than normal possibility that the entire world suddenly being turned into a large array of glassy, smoking holes that glow in the dark and look like the setting for the next Fallout game release.

4. Eruption

Icelandic volcano

Eyjafjallajokull after an eruption (Photo: Photo Volcanica)

Whilst beyond human control the the Eyjafjallajokull volcano’s in Iceland eruption certainly caused an unsafe release of dust into the air, the aviation industry instantly shutting itself down all but instantly out of terror that planes might fall from the skies, and you didn’t need to be Finnish gambling laws of nature governing local geography would bring things to an end in due course, you just needed to be a tourist stranded in a terminal building somewhere unable to get home – but better safe than sorry, eh?

5. Defecation

mexican food

Delicious but deadly when consumed in the middle of the night (Photo: The Beat)

The most embarrassing unsafe release is when one believes one is about to emit a fart only to realize a little too late that there’s more to it than that. The resultant circumstances being a private world of wholesale shame entirely of your own making. This can often arise as the result of food poisoning or other malady of the digestive system, although it can occur as a result of drinking far too much and thinking uber spicy Mexican food is a really good idea at two in the morning. You have been warned.

6. Intensification


You might want to reconsider (Photo: Iko System)

The most obvious unsafe release would involve sperm and the lack of a condom. The spread of sexually transmitted diseases, including the HIV virus that can lead to AIDS, is actually growing in these days of Tinder and Grinder, casual thoughtless flings and distinctly risky sexual behavior causing a spike in the figures. You don’t have to follow Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s advice, prohibition tends not to stop people doing things, but there’s a time and a place, if you know what I mean.

7. Collision

Formula One

2015 Formula One (Photo: The Car Connection)

Accidentally driving away from your pit stop too soon and nosing into the back of a fellow competitor’s car during a Formula One Grand Prix might be the definition that Valtteri Bottas and those who like to bet on sports in Finland at ComeOn! Sportsbook would choose after the events in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Williams claim they went at the right time, but Jensen Button disagrees. With so much fuel and so many crew members around it could have been much worse, and Williams have done it before.

So Which Was The Right Unsafe Release?

Yes, that’s right, it was the last one. Well done you. There’s no pulling the wool over your eyes, is there?
With instinctive perception like that you should almost certainly find a wager that takes yoru fancy at ComeOn! Sportsbook, especially as they’ve the best odds on the English Premier League now the F1 season has finally come to an end.

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