Vasily Utkin Special Bets On The Fight Against Solovyov

  • Will Utkin fight against Solovyov verbally?
  • Opponents can participate in a rap battle by the end of 2020
  • 1xBET odds on the confrontation to keep on going are good
Vasily Utkin special bets
Vasily Utkin – Image source: Dmitry Rozhkov.Dmitry Rozhkov at ru.wikipedia / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Battles of different kinds are quite a common thing among celebrities. Some have it out verbally on social media, the others prefer to get into a fight with an offender. The third type – taking part in a rap battle – is popular in Russia. Vasily Utkin special bets show he can be the next participant together with Vladimir Solovyov. What is their conflict?

Russian sportscaster and blogger Vasily Utkin has been involved in a long-lasting conflict with journalist Vladimir Solovyov in spring 2020. Online sportsbooks in Russia have immediately revealed odds on two popular media representatives to face each other in a rap battle order to decide who is right. Let’s see what their controversy is based on and what the chances of having a verbal fight are. 

Utkin vs Solovyov: roots of the conflict

Vasily Utkin special bets
Vladimir Solovyov – Image source: The Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

At the beginning of April 2020, a new conflict arose in Russia among two popular journalists. Sportscaster Utkin and journalist Solovyov had crosstalk on several social media. It resulted in Vasily Utkin special bets to fight against Solovyov by the end of 2020, but let’s first see what the reason for their conflict is. Once you finish, don’t forget to bet on its outcome at online gambling sites in Russia.

It all started with Utkin’s posts about Russia’s policy in times of the spring crisis. The sportscaster admitted that the government wasn’t putting much effort into supporting its people, although they have been paying high taxes throughout their life. Utkin also wondered if he needed such a kind of state that didn’t help to cope with the crisis. Finally, he criticized the pension system that was poor in Russia.

Utkin’s words spread on the Internet and didn’t leave people indifferent, including Solovyov. Unlike the others, Vladimir didn’t support Vasily’s opinion. The journalist remembered all his colleague’s past faults, including falling asleep during the commentary. In addition, Solovyov stated one shouldn’t have listened to “such a sick man”. The conflict kept on going on Twitter and Youtube. Both sides were bullying each other until Utkin proposed to “fight” with him by participating in a versus battle. Is it possible though? 

Vasily Utkin special bets to battle with Solovyiov

Versus battle is a popular Russian rap battle show on Youtube where opponents aim to win over each other. They have to rap without prerecording, music, or microphones and can use bad words. Usually, the battle is verbal: both participants record their verses separately to avoid meeting in a studio. However, some battles were accompanied by real fights. For example, blogger Yuri Khovansky once fought with Noize MC after bullying his music. The same happened to musician D.Masta: he punched Galat in his face in one of the Versus battle editions.

According to 1xBET Sportsbook, the Versus battle is the one where Utkin called Solovyov out. Vasily Utkin special bets to meet and fight his opponents are 11.00 at the sportsbook. If you want to see former colleagues participating in the battle before 2021, bet on them now.

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