This Week in Pictures, September 19 – 25, 2017

This Week in Pictures, September 19 - 25

There were plenty of big stories around the world last week so just in case you missed anything important we’ll just quickly review some of the most important.

In Puerto Rico, only just recovering from the effects of Hurricane Irma, the entire island was left without electricity after being battered by Hurricane Maria last week. The massive storm left at least thirteen people dead and caused massive destruction and flooding across the entire country with dams likely to fail and recovery of the island likely to take years. President Donald Trump has pledged to visit the 3.6 Americans now without power saying Puerto Rico was “Totally obliterated” by Maria.

In Mexico, almost 32 years to the day that a massive earthquake killed over 5,000 people, another massive quake hit the nation last week registering 8.1 in magnitude. With at least 300 people dead and aftershocks registering as high as 6.1, rescue and recovery efforts continued throughout much of the week in the ruins of collapsed buildings with legions of volunteers assisting the authorities in response to requests for assistance on social media. Further aftershocks are predicted in the area.

In the United States Donald Trump, 45th President of the US, made his maiden speech at the general assembly of the United Nations where he warned that the US could “totally destroy North Korea” and was embarrassed over the deal it had made concerning Nuclear proliferation with Iran, sentiments that were greeted by what appeared massive embarrassment by his Chief of Staff John Kelly who slumped in the audience like the father of a child who has forgotten his lines in the School Xmas Pantomime.

In sports numerous famous players in several leagues from the NFL to the NBA and even MLB took to social media and their knees to protest comments made by Donald Trump at a rally in Alabama last week. The ugly and divisive comments garnered a massive backlash from players, coaches, owners and those that run some of the biggest sports in the US, the question is will this be enough to get rid of Trump? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out, meantime here’s last week’s highlights.

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Meanwhile someone somewhere decided that the best way to spend $5,000 was to buy some underwear, but not just any underwear, oh no, this underwear used to belong to Adolf Hitler. This follows earlier sales of similar items belonging to Eva Braun and auctioneer Bill Panagopoulos of Maryland believes people buy them to lampoon the monstrous leader of the Third Reich. The pants were left at the Parkhotel in Graz, Austria in 1938 and were monogrammed with the letters A.H.

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