World Pinball Championship Odds for Favorite Arcade Game

  • Winner from North America to win, odds of 1.47
  • Europe players have a high chance of winning, odds at 2.50
Image source: Michael Moore for the Pacific Pinball Museum / [CC BY-SA] via Wikimedia Commons

Pinball is predominantly in association with and Millennials. This is due to the Arcade gaming period where most teenagers and kids were present at these gaming arenas. The famous game involves striking a metallic ball against targets in order to earn points. Interestingly, the game goes back to the 80s with multiple versions of the game popping up throughout history. With the popularity of the game, there have been tournaments indulging players. World Pinball Championship odds for the 5th largest tournament includes top rank players.

International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) ranks players from all around the world which concludes their quality of gameplay. Players from all around the world are on the list which is a conclusion of their performances in recent pinball events. Currently ranking as number 1 on the group is America’s, Raymond Davidson.

World Pinball Championship Odds for North American players

The World Pinball Championship is due in May of 2020. The recent results from The Open – IFPA World Championship name the winner as Eric Stone from the USA, who won with 132.36 points. Though Stone is the winner in the latest pinball tournament, Davidson still holds no.1 rank overall. World Pinball Championship odds suggest the Davidson might just repeat history like in 2018 and 2017.

Pinball Machines at Arcade centers.

Davidson has impressive statistics of finishing 77 times as the winner in multiple tournaments. However, the championship in 2019 is won by an 18-year-old, Johannes Ostermeier from Germany. Online sportsbook sites in the US like 1xbet are still providing the best odds for a winner from North America, at 1.47.

Odds for European players

While the recent tournaments have more players from the US than other countries. Despite that, players from Europe are managing to make it to higher ranks with exceptional performances. Namely, Ostermeier, who is the current champion with 2nd ranking overall with impressive championship odds.

Flippers and targets.

Following Ostermeier in the last World Pinball Championship is Daniele Celestino Acciari who came 2nd. Celestino, from Italy, ranks at number 4 overall and this gives Europe another shot at having a winner. Online sportsbook news in the US also has these prominent pinball player names in their ranks and provides odds of 2.50  at 1xbet sportsbook.

Winners from other countries hold poor odds of 33.00. Review about 1xbet explains that this is due to the fact that there are limited players available from other continents.

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