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WOW MDI Global odds

The WoW MDI Global odds are available on the  online sportsbook sites in the EU. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that this event is going to run through the whole month. With new betting lines available for every group stage. If you read this article when the odds have already expired, do not worry. Because according to World of Warcraft, the tournament finals will be held on May 22, 2022, at 7:00 PM CEST. Therefore, there are 16 different groups in total, and the current one is the third. The fourth is coming right after the third bracket has been concluded. Because you should follow our online sportsbook news to receive news and tips about this event. If you love World of Warcraft, PVE and Mythic speed runs, then this tournament is the best eSport event for you to bet on. We are going to explain everything about the WoW MDI global odds.

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World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon Internationals

If you are unfamiliar with the whole event, then we are going to introduce you to the WoW MDI global odds. According to Upcomer the teams are going to be divided into three groups. Because these teams are made up of the absolute best PVE players in the world. Therefore teams are competing for a spot in the finals. Therefore, the monetary prize for each week is a share of $30,000, then at the finals, the reward is given out of a pool of $300,000. Because eight teams are forming three groups each. There are two additional fixed teams, one that represents China, and one that won last year’s tournament. Therefore the finals will be decided between the top 8 teams, from which the three groups are competing for the available 6 standings. They are the items of the WoW MDI Global odds.

WoW MDI Global odds

The competition is going to be crazy. If you are a World of Warcraft enthusiast, then you will see the best speed runs of these mythic dungeons. World of Warcraft is one of the best esports to bet on. Because it is one of the alternatives, yet world-famous eSports to bet on.

The available betting on WoW is rare, however, every time you may bet on the game, it is intense and worth your time and money. Therefore you can follow the events of the tournament on the official stream or website. Because they are broadcasting every single event on their official Youtube channel. However if you are new to all of this, then check our Beginners guide to betting on WoW article to understand the WoW MDI Global odds.

Why Should You Bet On This?

The first to defeat the mythic jailor encounter had a tragic ending. Because neither of the teams having fun. Because they were exhausted coming out with minor health issues. Therefore the losing teams reported that they are not sad about losing, they are only happy that it is finally over and they can leave the competition. The winning team, while they were happy to be the first one to defeat the long-awaited encounter. They were not as happy as previous world-first teams. Because it was long, exhausting, and underwhelming in every aspect imaginable. It was hard, and the raid gave high-level difficulty, but at the stake of the fun of its players. This is why the WoW MDI global odds are much better to bet on. Because here the teams are competing against each other in Mythic Dungeons.

Participating Teams

No exhausting and stressful mechanics, yet the reward and the fame that comes with it is worth it. Therefore the participants, viewers, and bettors will enjoy this competition together. To decide which team is the best at speed running high difficulty mythic dungeons.

Because this is what the WoW MDI global odds are offering for everyone. Therefore, before checking out the actual odds and available betting lines. First, let’s talk about this week’s team. Because keep in mind that the next group is going to be consisting of different teams. Therefore, the current teams are the following: Echo, Apes Together Stronger, Yeppers, Dwarf This, Baldy, Witness Cuties, Evolved, Incarnation. While the bracket and the betting lines are changing every week. According to Dot Esports, the maps are going to stay the same.  

What are the Wow MDI Global odds?

The WOW MDI Global odds are slightly complex. Because there are just so many things one can bet on. Therefore, we are going to explain every single detail so you understand what you are betting on. However, we illustrate the betting format in a simple table under this section. You are presented with the name of each team. They are competing against each other in an A-B format. Therefore, you have head-to-head betting available. On the other hand, you may also just bet on the outright winner of the group. Furthermore, you can bet on the length of the maps in an under/over format. And finally, you also have handicap betting available, highlighted in bold. Therefore, the following table explains the WOW MDI Global odds:

Team (A-B Head to Head) Head to Head Handicap Map (Under/Over) Outright Bracket Winner – (WOW MDI Global odds)
A Echo 1.04 -1.5 1.25 + 2.5 4.00 1.61
B Apes TS 9.00 +1.5 3.75 – 2.5 7.00
Yeppers A 1.66 -1.5 3.00 + 2.5 2.00 9.00
Dwarf This B 2.10 +1.5 1.36 – 2.5 1.72 13.00
A Baldy 1.10 -1.5 1.50 + 2.5 3.00 15.00
B Witness Cuties 6.50 +1.5 2.50 + 2.5 1.36 17.00
Evolved A 1.14 -1.5 1.61 + 2.5 2.62 21.00
Incarnation B 5.00 +1.5 2.20 – 2.5 1.44 26.00

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Where to bet with the WoW MDI Global odds?

Now that you understand the WoW MDI Global odds, it’s time to draw a conclusion. Finally, if you wish to bet using the WoW MDI global odds. Then you should visit Bet365 Sportsbook. Because the odds you saw in this article are their courtesy, and they are going to release and replace the odds of every upcoming bracket. Therefore, in the upcoming weeks up until the end of May, you will see hundreds of new WoW betting lines popping up. Because this is one of the biggest Blizzard tournaments of the year. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss any of it.

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