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Posted: May 14, 2021

Updated: May 14, 2021

  • Get to know the World Surf League!
  • How this year's championship is going so far?
  • WSL Championship odds: women's and men's series

The time has finally come for the 2020-2021 World Surf League championship! Just like for every sports event in the world, last year – and this year still – has not been gracious. However, now it looks like everything is getting back to normal. The WSL championship is, for example, back on track – and the odds are already available for that!

When it comes to sports events – and many other aspects, of course – the past year has not been easy. But soon enough, athletes, sports teams, sports fans, bookmakers, and sportsbook operators can finally get back to their lives. This is something that gamblers were also waiting for! Those who love to place bets on sports events are all in for some fine sports bets. And here comes the 2020-2021 WSL championship to satisfy their needs – besides some other upcoming matches and events. Keep on reading to find out more about the WSL, about the predictions on the championship this year, and the odds you can use for your bets!

Get to know the WSL!

The World Surf League was established back in 1976. Back at the time, it was called International Professional Surfing and it was funded by Fred Hemmings and Randy Rarick. Its headquarter is at one of the world’s most famous surfing paradises, Santa Monica, California. The WSL itself is the governing body for professional surfers. It is dedicated to showcasing the world’s best surfing talents in various progressive formats. When it was still called the IPS, they started creating the first world circuit of professional surfing events. And they have been doing it ever since! However, there was a name change. In 1983 the Association of Surfing Pros took over the management, and in 2015 they changed the name to the current. The current CEO is Erik Logan, former Oprah Winfrey Network President.

The WSL is pretty popular all around the world: it has over 6.8 million Facebook fans and more than 3.7 million Instagram followers. Also, according to Sports Business Journal, the WSL is currently the third most-watched sport online in the United States. It is right after NFL and NBA. Therefore, it is not a big surprise, that the online gambling news sites in Canada are all over the topic. On sites like Bodog, you can already see some odds on the WSL championship of this year!

WSL Championship Odds
Ready to surf?

World Surf League 2020-2021

The championship that started last year and still on this year is the 44th season of the tour circuit for pro surfers around the world. Last year’s season was canceled, so they made the event a wraparound season of 2020-21. Because of that, there were some major changes and even new events in the schedule. It started out with the Billabong Pipeline Masters last December, and the finals named the Rip Curl WSL Finals will be in September. The events of the series are in Hawaii, Australia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Polynesia. And what about the champions? Well, right now, Carissa Moore and Ítalo Ferreira are the defending champions. But the WSL championship odds are not necessarily in their favor, as you could see if you keep on reading!

WSL championship odds

On online sportsbook sites in Canada, such as Bodog, you can already find odds, if you would like to place some money on the WSL championship. First, let us see where the men’s standings are at. Right now, it is Gabriel Medina, who is the leading surfer with points over 28,000. As such, he has the best odds to win this year’s championship (+165). The second one is the defending champion, Ferreira, with over 24,000 points, so that his odds are +275. The third man surfer with the most points in the league, over 20,000 is Filipe Toledo. His odds are +450.

And what about women? That is a much clearer stake! The title defender Carissa Moore is the first with over 29,000 points, so her odds are at +135 on Bodog. The second contestant is Tatiana Weston-Webb with over 26,000 points, but according to her odds, she is only the fourth-best with +500. The third in the ranking is Stephanie Gilmore with more than 22,000 points, but she is only 5th in the odds game, with +650. However, you still have time to decide until the finals in September. Brace yourself, and bet on the WSL championship – let the odds guide you!

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