You Can Bet On The Hungarian Grand Prix To Be Unpredictable

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Sunday sees the mechanical marvels of Formula One arrive at Budapest’s Hungaroring but after last year’s incident-filled race that left the silver arrows floundering should you bet on the Hungarian Grand Prix being won by the hugely dominant Mercedes or those that did so well twelve months ago?

Hungarian Grand Prix Odds

  • Lewis Hamilton – Evens
  • Nico Rosberg – 3/1
  • Daniel Ricciardo 11/2
  • Max Verstappen 11/2

Perhaps the most dramatic moment of the 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix was the explosive failure of Nico Hulkenberg’s front wing that left the Force India car driving through a cloud of expensive little pieces straight into a wall. However it will likely be more remembered for being one of the few races that a Mercedes didn’t win, Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari winning ahead of Daniil Kvyat who got his first ever podium place and team mate Daniel Ricciardo, and you can bet on the Hungarian Grand Prix to be just as unpredictable this year too.

2016 Drivers Championship

  • Lewis Hamilton 1/3
  • Nico Rosberg 12/5
  • Sebastian Vettel 80/1
  • Daniel Ricciardo 150/1

Last year the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo had to shoulder his way through the field to grab that third place finish and came together with both Mercedes along the way in what were later deemed to be “racing incidents” and if you like to bet on sports in Hungary at Bet365 you’ll already be aware that if there’s one thing this 2016 season has had, it’s “racing incidents” particularly between the supposed team mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg who, let’s face it, absolutely loathe each other.

Mercedes Muppets Making Mistakes Might Mean Much Mirth Materializes

Hamilton and Rosberg (who sound like the world’s most depressing tv detective series) already bounced off each other a couple of times on track this year, much to the annoyance of Toto Wolff the boss of Mercedes, and in perhaps the most ridiculous piece of childish unprofessional idiocy ever, the pair crashed into each other on the first lap of this year’s Spanish Grand Prix knocking both of them out, and you can just bet on the Hungarian Grand Prix being scenes of something similar.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton is the favourite in Hungary (Photo: Sky Sports)

The ambiguous corners of the Hungaroring make “going for it” and hoping the stewards are on your side in an inquiry a valid racing strategy, Ricciardo proving it last year, and so if you’re Hungarian gambling laws of common sense would keep the two Mercedes on the tarmac, guess again, that first corner is going to be an interesting moment and you can bet on the Hungarian Grand Prix being decided not by who is faster on track but who is willing to show their elbows and push on through.

Bet On The Hungarian Grand Prix This Weekend At Bet365

Midway through the season and the championship is already pretty much sewn up by the Mercedes duo but which of them is going to lift the trophy come season’s end? They’re only one point apart and well ahead of the pack, so which should you be backing if you bet on the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend and who’ll take that title in November? Bet365 has all the odds and they currently give Hamilton the edge in the driver’s championship at 1/3, with Rosberg just behind at 12/5.

This might seem unfair but Hamilton has made up a huge deficit and you can bet on the Hungarian Grand Prix to be a close battle, as the odds on the drivers indicate. Bet365 has Hamilton evens to take the win with Rosberg on 3/1, Ricciardo on 11/2 alongside Verstappen (the only non-Mercedes winner this year so far) and last year’s winner Sebastian Vettel is garnering just 10/1 to win it, but those in Hungarian gambling news headlines on Monday will be of anything but a Mercedes win are probably being just a mite optimistic……then again, that’s what we all said last year.

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