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Slot machines are fun and exciting. And they are also easy to learn to play. Because of these things slots are one of the most popular casino games ever. Although it can be hard to pick up just the best ones from the huge variety. To help you with that we have collected the 2022 best online slot games. Keep tuned!

The new, 2022/23 snooker season continues next week with the 2022 British Open, held at Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. Mark Williams is the defending champion and one of the favorites again. Along with the four-time winner John Higgins, the world No2 Judd Trump and world No3 Mark Selby. But the 2022 Cazoo British Open winner odds mention the world ranking leader Ronnie O’Sullivan as the top favorite. 

Right now the Oscars are still months away but it's not too early to get ready for the predictions. And of course, to put on your bets you need to be on time. So if you are interested in the Tár Oscar 2023 odds keep on reading!

In this article, we have made our top 8 picks of the best Chinese athletes today. Hundreds of athletes from China would deserve to be on the list. However, we have picked the very best in different sports categories. These are the youngest people who are multiple Olympic golden medal owners at the age of 18. Also, we will talk about people who are not present anymore, yet they have a record of 18 medallions and championship titles.

In this article, we are going to collect the most popular gambling topics in Denmark. If you want to play with something everyone else plays, then these are the best gambling picks for you. Make sure to always play something you like. Furthermore, Bet365 Brands are the best available gambling sites for you at the moment. Because you can try and play with real cash on every single category mentioned in this article on one account.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to play Plinko. Therefore, if you are bored with roulette, and want to switch over to something more modern. Then Plinko is going to be the perfect choice for you. With minimal effort and no choices to make. Plinko is an automated digital slot that diverts from the 1983 TV shows. All you have to do is to press a button and stake or stop. However, we recommend you to use crypto or deposit.

You can bet on the most followed TikTok accounts and the most liked TikTok in 2022. Therefore, we are going to focus on introducing two influencers and one content creator. Because these three people are representing an entirely different side of TikTok. Yet, all of them are extremely popular in their categories. We have Charlie D’Amelio who teaches dance to people. Khaby Lame is to be an actor. And Jamie Sorell who is just dancing.

In this article, we are going to summarize the Tommy Robinson gambling story. Because the internet blew up to the fact that he gambled £100,000 away while he was filing bankruptcy. Doing so from the money of his supporters which they gave him for his political campaign. However, he decided to show up to parties and casinos instead of working on the campaign. Therefore, he is now in actual bankruptcy with a mental breakdown.

Ronnie, The Rocket, O'Sullivan won the snooker world championship for the seventh time in May, making him the most successful and oldest, 46-year-old, world champion in the history of the sport. The Scotsman Stephen Hendry also won seven times, so the question of whether O’Sullivan will set a record remains. Let’s see what the future might bring and what the Ronnoi O'Sullivan betting predictions are!

Game of Thrones fans can already follow the new prequel, the House of the Dragon on HBO’s streaming platform. Already attracting millions of viewers every week. One of the most popular mystical creatures, dragons play a huge part in both TV series. So we thought it was time to collect the best dragon-themed slots to play. That you can enjoy even if you’re not a huge fan of fantasies.