The 2020 FA Cup quarter-finals will kick off by the end of June. Eight teams will clash against each other to determine who qualifies for the semi-finals and who gets knocked out. In this article, we will focus on the Newcastle vs Man City betting tips. Which team has a better chance of qualifying? ... read more

The Colombian forward Alfredo Morelos is heavily linked with a move out of Rangers in the summer. As a young and sharp striker, he has so many options to choose from. However, Atletico Madrid is the top favorite to get his services as Alfredo Morelos transfer odds show. ... read more

Cinema has long sought to use gaming in all its forms to texture its work. In some, it is merely a disposable piece of decoration. In others, it is essential. This is nowhere more true than in gangster movies. Shadowy figures, evading US or UK gambling laws, ready with violence at any moment? These make for great screen presence. Albeit with very different style. We look from the organized crime gambling empires of Las Vegas to the seedy backroom card games of Newcastle villains.  ... read more

The owner of a football club is almost as important as the manager or the players of a club. As he makes all the decisions that matter, and he has the final word in every issue. It’s not only about the money as we will see, but also about the communication between the owner, the club and the fans. Below are the worst football club owners of all time, who didn’t succeed in it. ... read more

Bookies believe that Huddersfield are going to score the lowest amount of goals in the Premier League. However, Newcastle players also have difficulties in the attacking third of the pitch. Meanwhile, the relegation battle is getting more and more tough, and that puts a lot of pressure on the forwards’ shoulders. It’s hard to make predictions at this point, but we’ve collected a few clubs to consider when you bet on the lowest scoring PL team. ... read more

As the Fulham fans sing: Mitro`s on fire, your defence is terrified! The Serbian striker is in magnificent form, scoring goals both for Fulham and his national team. Online betting sites in Serbia argue that he has a good chance to score against Man City in the league cup as well. Although it might be a bit early to bet on Mitrovic to become the Premier League top scorer, he has a good chance to reach some great success this year. ... read more

It’s not even September yet and we’re already on our third Premier League round, and, oh boy, what match-ups are on schedule for this weekend! Arsenal brace themselves for another London derby against West Ham while Newcastle host Chelsea on Sunday and then to finish it all off, Old Trafford will see Man United go head to head with Tottenham in what could be a cracker of a match. ... read more