TV Series That Lead The 2020 TCA Winner Predictions


Posted: September 1, 2020

Updated: September 1, 2020

  • Three popular TV series lead the odds to win the 2020 TCA
  • Who will take the main award of the night? 22Bet knows the answer

This year, we have been enjoying watching many good TV series. Watchmen, Succession, Mrs. America, The Mandalorian…and many others. Which one is about to win in the Best Program of the Year nomination by the 2020 TCA winner predictions? Let’s see all the favorites.

The 2020 Television Critics Association Awards is coming soon. Although the exact date of the ceremony hasn’t been announced yet, it is supposed to take place until fall. So, we believe we will know who are the winners around August 30-31. This year’s online ceremony will be the 36th edition of one of the most prestigious TV award shows, where American and Canadian movie critics and journalists choose the best TV series and miniseries.

Following online sportsbooks in Canada, the 2020 TCA winner predictions in the Program of the Year nomination have been already revealed. Six brilliant shows aim for the award, but who has the most chances? Let’s see the odds.

2020 TCA winner predictions: Program of the Year

This year, six most popular TV series compete for the prize in the Program of the Year category. Here are all the nominees:

  • Watchmen
  • Succession
  • Mrs. America
  • Better Call Saul
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Unbelievable

According to the online gambling sites in Canada, all the nominees have pretty good odds to win the main prize of the ceremony. However, there are still three favorites that outrun others. Who are they?


The American drama series Unbelievable is one of the main favorites to take the Program of the Year award according to the 2020 TCA winner predictions. Based on Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong’s An Unbelievable Story of Rape, the show covers a real-life story of a series of rape cases that took place in the US between 2008 and 2011. The plot follows a teen named Mary, who is not believed to be raped. Two detectives (Toni Collette and Merritt Wever) try to figure out the truth. 

2020 TCA winner predictions
Ready for the show?

The miniseries received both critical and viewers’ appraisal. It has a record-high 98% of positive reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, while the audience gave it 8.4/10 at IMDB. Unbelievable is also one of the Emmy Award favorites to win the main prize in 2020. In fact, the story about one of the sharpest issues of the last decade is worth attention, so the TCA jury can award the series with the statuette for the Program of the Year.


Another Emmy 2020 favorite – Watchmen – is also highly believed to win in the Program of the Year nomination. By 2020 TCA winner predictions, the comics-based show has 3.00 odds at 22Bet to win the main prize of the ceremony. It is also believed to win in the Outstanding New Program category, so you can double win from betting on Watchmen.

Watchmen is a new version of the popular DC comics of the same name. However, the latest series set the events in 2019 with the main characters facing today’s sharpest issue – racism in the US. Following the main idea of the show, several policemen stand against the racist “Seventh Cavalry”, which is a white supremacist group. Starring Regina King, Don Johnson, and Jeremy Irons, Watchmen is one of the highest-rated shows of the year. Critics gave it 95% fresh reviews, the audience – 8.1/10 at IMDB.


Succession leads the best odds at 22Bet Sportsbook to win in the Program of the Year nomination at the 2020 TCA. The Jesse Armstong satirical comedy series has 2.75 odds to become the best show of the year and there are many reasons for this prediction to become true.

2020 TCA winner predictions
Let’s watch some movies!

Firstly, Succession is one of the highest-rated TV series of the year. It has 92% positive reviews from critics at Rotten Tomatoes and 8.5/10 from viewers at IMDB. Secondly, the show has already won such awards as BAFTA and Golden Globes in the lead categories. Among other accolades, there are Emmys and Critics Choice Television Awards. Interestingly, the second season of the series is even more awarded than the debut one. It can also play for Succession in comparison to the other favorites – e.g. Watchmen can take the Best New Series award, while the main prize will be given to this project.

Last but not least. The Succession plot deserves recognition no less than the other shows. Yet it is not based on real-life events, following the rich Roy family, which members start to plan their future as soon as they realize that the family’s patriarch, Logan, will probably die soon, is simply hilarious.

What else to bet on during the 2020 award season?

If you need more than the 2020 TCA winner predictions, check also other awards coming soon. In particular, you can go through the most detailed MTV Video Music Awards predictions and bet in three main categories: Artist, Song, and Video of the Year. Hurry up as the ceremony will take place on August 30!

Another good option for movie fans to earn some cash would be Emmy Awards betting. Primetime Emmys will be awarded on September 21, so there is still plenty of time to check the odds properly. Among all, you can follow the Best Lead Actor predictions, as well as look for other nominations and nominees at 22Bet Sportsbook.

You can discover more about 22Bet Sportsbook here.

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