7 Ways To Spy A White Supremacist March In Your Local Casino

Following the farce march of white supremacists in the US capital, Washington DC, recently we should all expect more of these bigot-fests, and it's only a matter of time before your local casino may well be seen as a viable venue, and if you eschew the safety of Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the United States, to head off out for the evening just how can you tell your local casino is playing host to a white supremacist march? We take a look at seven things to look out for.

White Supremacist March at Your Local Casino

1. Internet AnnouncementsAnnouncements of White Supremacist Marches

Naturally any white supremacist march in your local casino will want to attract as many participants as possible and in these days of the modern information superhighway the majority of racist and bigoted groups have a web presence, coordinating their efforts online where they can retain some anonymity and order cheap tiki torches from China. Announcements of impending marches will be heavily shared so keep an eye out on social media, and if you see anything untoward stay home on Bovada instead.

2. Liberal Media Fear Mongering

Obviously not all of us will have an internet existence that brushes up against the far-right, alt-right or other Nazi affiliated groups, however for these people the liberal media elite will do all it can to ensure full and frank warnings of an white supremacist activity in your local area reach you in time and if you’re planning on taking advantage of US gambling laws at your local casino you should double check to make sure there’s nothing on the horizon that might ruin things and make Bovada a better bet.

Fear Mongering

3. A Whiff Of Teargas In The Air

This is dead give away. However rowdy your local casino might get on a regular basis, and in some it can get pretty wild at times, it is unlikely that either staff or patrons will employ crowd-control measures in gaseous form. Should you arrive at your local casino and discover there is a whiff of tear gas in the air it’s probably safe to assume something has gone awry and that beating a hasty retreat to the fresh clean air of your home and the security of Bovada is probably a far better idea in the long run.

4. Counter Protesters At Your Local Casino

Any white supremacist march, irregardless of scale, will attract counter protesters in abundance, and some of them can be pretty sneaky, so anyone in the US gambling news stories will warn them of the true horror that awaits in their local casino is sorely mistaken. Be on the look out for large numbers of scruffy youths with placards, earnest expressions, idealistic concepts of global existence and a deep loathing of people so stupid that they have to colour code the human race so they know who to hate.


5. Larger Police Presence Than Normal

Between the marchers and the counter-protesters things can get pretty heated, just look at the tragic events in Charlottesville, so these events tend to be heavily policed. In Washington the police outnumbered the alt-right participants, although undoubtedly there was some small overlap twixt the two groups, so if you see two or three hundred uniformed officers in or around your local casino you might just want to head home and use Bovada instead, it’ll involve less chance of arrest or death.

6. 25 White Guys With The Wrong Flags

Flag of Losers
Official Flag of Losers

In Washington the huge numbers expected on the march failed to appear and two dozen guys holding a losing side’s flag stood around looking embarrassed for a bit in front of a police presence larger than the march and a counter-protest that dwarfed both. Indeed should you arrive at your local casino to bet on sports in the US or anywhere else for that matter and you see 25 white guys looking sheepish with a confederate flag, you might just want to head home to Bovada, you know, before the trouble starts.

7. It’ll Be Over Before You Know It

Alt-Right protests are renowned for ending early. The one in Washington finished before it was scheduled to begin, so whilst on the look out for the tell tale signs that a white supremacist march might be taking place in your local casino, do also be sure to check that it hasn’t already happened and that you’re not merely looking at the aftermath. The aftermath of a march is easily differentiated from the real thing by the vastly increased numbers of media camera crews willing to risk a live broadcast.


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