Are Trading Cards Gambling? – The Most Expensive TCGs


Posted: July 2, 2022

Updated: July 2, 2022

  • Post Malone bought a Black Lotus for $800k
  • Someone’s children's TCG is another billion dollars.
  • Are trading cards gambling?

Do you remember collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards when you were a child? Maybe that Blue-Eyes White Dragon your little brother chewed is worth $3200. Of course, most of the world already knows that trading card games have cards that may be worth up to millions of dollars. However, the internet made this hobby extremely popular. You see grown adults, and even elders buying these packs for millions, hoping to pull out one single card.

Therefore, they claim to be collectors of rare cards. But are they? Because most of these videos have the price of each pulled card highlighting the value of the card. Therefore, a fair question arises: Are trading cards gambling? We are going to discover this topic. If you are interested in playing cards, then check out our list of online poker sites in the US.

Are Trading Cards Gambling?

The reason why the question: Are trading cards gambling? Is so popular, because there are undeniable similarities between gambling and gaming. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with playing some gambling games. However, more than often these cards are sold for children. Therefore, the whole trading card industry feels a little strange. Because there are millions of ways people are pointing fingers at poker or casinos.

However, there is no news about the governments trying to regulate the selling and price changing of trading cards. Therefore, this debate is not all about opinions. Because there is solid evidence that both the games and the market are extremely similar to gambling. Here is another question that helps you understand the problem. Is crypto investment gambling? If you say yes, then you unknowingly agree that trading cards are gambling too. Because NFT-s is the digital version of trading cards and paintings.

The Most Popular Trading Cards

Let’s make a small run-down on all of these games before answering the question: Are trading cards gambling?

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! – Yu-Gi-Oh! Is a Japanese trading card game based on the popular manga and anime called King of Games? The series was meant to feature gambling, but later they changed it. The most valuable card is: Tournament Black Luster Soldier ($2,000,000) / Blue-Eyes White Dragon 1st Edition ($32,000)
Are Trading Cards Gambling
Picture Source: Flickr
  • Pokémon – Pokémon is a popular anime turned into a TCG. The most expensive card is: Holo Charizard ($420,000)
  • Magic The Gathering – MTG is the most popular TCG. The most expensive card is: Black Lotus $800,000 (bought by Post Malone)
  • StarWars, World Of Warcraft, Marvel, etc… – There are hundreds of TCG-s created for pop culture.
  • Android Netrunner – A new and popular technology-based TCG. 
  • Baseball, Basketball, etc… – The most expensive sports trading card is the Honus Wagner which is worth millions of dollars.

Youtubers And Collectors – Are Trading Cards Gambling?

According to Reddit, the TCG community mostly agrees when they debate the question: Are trading cards gambling? Because there is no doubt that it has gambling aspects to it. From drawing a random card to playing with real money. Furthermore, there are hundreds of YouTubers making a living by gambling with these cards, then uploading the results. Because every single human fantasized about buying a $20 booster pack, only to find the $2 million worth of card.

The most famous trading card persona at the moment is the Youtuber, Jake Paul. However, he was contacting fraudulent specialists. Therefore, one of the most compulsive trading card collectors is Charles White Jr. Better known as Penguinz0, he is one of the most recognized people in the community. He has attended psychological coaching about his Pokemon collecting behavior. His latest stunt was to buy a whole garage full of expensive sports trading cards.

The Dark Secret of Card Manufacturers

According to The Gamer if Loot Boxes are gambling, then so are trading cards. And the sad truth is… there are not many options to argue against the question: Are trading cards gambling? Because even if you are collecting and playing these cards the most innocent way. Then you will be able to do things such as betting on Magic The Gathering. Furthermore, the dark secret of these companies is about changing the prices.

Are Trading Cards Gambling
Picture Source: Pixabay

Many card-selling companies do an unethical stunt of watching the card values like the stock market. When someone buys a card for let’s say $80. They might run into one of the worst secrets of these selling platforms. Because the value of the card rises to $500… Then they are going to cancel the purchase claiming there has been an error. Therefore, the system will re-offer the purchase, now for $500.

Scams And Grading

According to Cata Wiki, the most expensive card is worth $3,2 million. Therefore, if you are still wondering about the question: Are trading cards gambling? Then you should know that there are much worse things in this industry than gambling. Because gambling is healthy if one does it with awareness. However, there are the Siths and Jedis of the trading card communities. There are the graders, who are card specialists.

Their job is to analyze a card and notice microscopic signs of originality. These people get paid to grade cards. Most of their customers are hoping for a mint grade so they can sell it for high value. However, scammers are dedicated people to fake cards to their best abilities. Selling these highly valuable fake cards for millions. However, a fake card is worth a maximum of $2, if the original card is worth $70.

So, Are Trading Cards Gambling?

Let’s conclude the topic with a simple answer. Yes, trading cards are gambling. However, it is not a problem. Because they are similar to every other form of gambling. As long as you do it out of passion, you are good. However, you should always be gambling aware while buying booster packs. Because you shouldn’t spend $1000 on 4 packs of 5 cards. Especially if your cash return from the card values is around $200.

If you had a problem with collecting Trading Cards, then maybe switch over to Dungeons and Dragons. Check out our collection of gambling ideas for D&D. Furthermore, collecting pokemon cards is gambling. Then you should try to give Everygame Poker a chance. Because Poker is a more popular and serious card game. It might just be your new passionate hobby.

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