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Gambling Ideas for D&D

If you enjoy Critical Role, or Dungeons & Dragons, then this article is for you. Are you a Dungeon Master who wants to surprise his players with a featured gambling game? We got you. Collecting gambling ideas for D&D from Reddit, blogs, and even our own to give you alternative ideas. Alternatively, if you are new to the online gambling sites in the US then you should play at least one of them, to understand the thrill of a good gamble. Did you know that casino tables aren’t that different from Dungeons & Dragons tables? Check out 4 Things casinos have in common with Dungeons and Dragons.

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Gambling Ideas For D&D

The large community of D&D Beyond Forum users is always interested in gambling. It is one of those activities that players and Dungeon Masters both enjoy playing out. Therefore, you can implement gambling in any shape or form. It can be animal racing, fight betting, a dice game, a card game, or even some creative combination of all of them. Maybe make it magical. Because who doesn’t like random magical effects? Without further ado, let’s check out our gambling ideas for D&D.

Liar’s Dice

According to Gamblingnews, one of the most recommended gambling ideas for D&D is the Liar’s dice. The Liar’s dice is a rather simple, face-value-based fantasy gambling game. Each player is rolling 5d6, and they are keeping the dies hidden from the other players. Then each player may roll on a face value, and the number connected to it. Therefore, after the bids are placed, players will have their turn.

Gambling Ideas for D&D
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Each player may decide to challenge the previous player, by raising higher bids and/or face values. When a bid is challenged, they reveal all of their dice. If the bid is false, the bidder wins, but if the bid is true, the challenger will win. Therefore, they eliminate the losing player from the game.

Gambit of Ord – Gambling Ideas For D&D

Gambit of Ord is one of the best gambling ideas for D&D. According to the Nerdist, the players of Critical Role had no chance to try this game out. However, thanks to Matt Mercer’s expansive notes. Your players have a chance to play this awesome competitive gambling game. The game goes like this: The initial buy-in is 50 gold pieces. Each player rolls 1d8. Then they may raise, call or fold the bet. When all bets are equal the game continues. Then the players will roll 1d6. This is their final chance to either fold, call or raise. The remaining players will roll 1d4. Then they will reveal the results of their 1d8, 1d6, and 1d6 adding them up together. The winner takes 80% of the prize, the remaining 20% goes to the casino. Players may use Sleight of Hand for an advantage, or deception to force a fold.

Run of Luck

Quon a Drensal is a Marquesian gambling game. It involves small lizard creatures running and racing each other. This is one of those gambling ideas for D&D that involve a little creative world-building. The idea and the execution are rather simple. There are four lizards on a small field with different colors.

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Players may bet on the winning lizard. Then roll 3d4 for each lizard. If you wish to make the scene more narrative, then roll 1d4 three separate times. Because the results of the rolls will add up. And whoever was placing bets on the winning lizard, will double his money. A suggestion for this game. Is to allow animal handling and nature checks and saving throws to give advantages or disadvantages to certain lizards. This could be a quick but super fun scene to play out for your players.

Demon Dice

Demon Dice is one of the unique gambling ideas for D&D. The idea is a bandit or criminal organization’s special game. Check the constitution modifiers of all players. While the game is played, players will lose their constitution modifiers. Add up the number of constitutions. That will turn into the number of turns. Then the game begins, with the highest constitution player starting the circle. Every player bids around 10 golden coins. Players will roll 1d6 on their turn. If it is 1, then they get eliminated from the game. When it is 6 however, they get to pick another player to be eliminated. If you roll the same number as the previous player, you lock him out from the next round. Each eliminated player falls asleep, leaving their gold unguarded on the table.


Deathroll is a gambling game invented by the player base of World of Warcraft. This is one of the best gambling ideas for D&D. Because it is super fast and very exciting. You can implement this system into your D&D campaign with any flavor you’d like to add. Whether it is a deadly dice, or maybe a dice controlled by the Gods of Gambling. The two players will grab 5d20, and they are going to use the same dice.

Gambling Ideas for D&D
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bypassing the turn, they are handing the dice over to each other. Each time someone scores a number, the next player must reroll until the result is lower or equal to the previous number. Each benchmark will get dies removed from the game, until the players score a Nat 1 or a Nat 2. Then pick up a coin. Head equals 1, tails equal 2.

Gambling Ideas For D&D

There are many ways one can implement gambling. It doesn’t have to be all about coins and rogues. It is called the Magical Dice. You are giving your players 2D20 and you create magical rewards and punishments for both, adjusting one magical school to each number. This isn’t a coin-gambling game, but it can be an extremely funny addition to your campaign. Perhaps you can turn it more magic-based, where the numbers will either multiply or take the money away. Maybe it turns their money into a physical object or charcoal. The possibilities are endless. Therefore, you can be as creative as you want.

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Fantasy Styled Online Gambling

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