Artificial Intelligence in British Gambling to Prevent Addiction


Posted: November 21, 2019

Updated: November 21, 2019

  • Gambling addictions are about to be tackled via Artificial Intelligence - UK gambling industry
  • No more chasing after losses or the machine will shut down giving punters time to cool off
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Anyone who has ever gambled knows that it is an exhilarating ride, even if you are losing. The addiction is real since many dismiss any common sense when investing. After a long period of trial and run, the gambling world is turning to technology to minimize losses for their customers. Artificial Intelligence in British gambling will address the key issues in gambling and move forward with perceptive improvements.

In the gambling world, it is easy to overestimate your luck and adamantly think about getting rich in one night. This compulsive behavior is quite easy to identify in certain customers. No one living in the 21st century is stranger to the stories of people losing an extravagant amount of money in one night. While there may be counterstories that have paved the way for amateur gamblers; it may always be sensible to take common-sense along to a casino.

Artificial Intelligence in British gambling will prevent customers from going broke

Casinos and gambling firms have come up with a rather ingenious proposal to challenge the addiction problem of their customers. The Anonymous Player Awareness System (APAS) is now becoming a part of the casinos. Consequently, this will prevent loss chasing and limit excess hours on gambling machines. The machines currently integrating with AI are roulette, blackjack, and slots. The algorithm will identify specific gaming patterns which are fall in the zone of addiction. In order to prevent customers from reaching the point of no return, AI will freeze the machine for 30 seconds. Furthermore, multiple gambling addiction disclaimers will appear on the screens.

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In the UK more than 300,000 people are suffering from a gambling addiction Image source: Needpix

Essentially, customers will be allowed to cool off and set their minds straight before they can continue. Online casinos in the UK is promising a positive outcome from this intervention. 

“I see this as an opportunity to champion the highest standards and share best practice on safe betting and gaming and we hope these measures are a sign of intent.” Betting and Gambling Council interim chief executive, Wes Himes, acclaim.

Artificial Intelligence in British gambling considered as a crucial intervention

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the British gambling industry is making news at a very critical point in time. News upon news of celebrities going broke after indulging in gambling, teenagers involving in illegal gambling; all this is accounting for a bad name for the industry. Hence, the act of promoting safe gambling may gain appreciation thoroughly.

Britain’s estimated 8,500 betting shops will be integrating with the APAS and will soon start to attempt to successfully end addiction in gambling. Online gambling sites in the UK are anticipating the effects on the casino market. 

Wes further elaborates upon the AI as “an opportunity to champion the highest standards and share best practice on safe betting and gaming, and we hope these measures are a sign of intent. I’m convinced that this approach can help restore public trust, and I look forward to working on further betting and gaming initiatives across the industry.”

Bet365 is one of the most popular gambling websites in the UK and wait for the results of such an intervention.

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