Best Movies About Bingo in the 21st Century


Posted: January 13, 2021

Updated: January 14, 2021

  • A popular game of bingo has already appeared in several scenes in different films.
  • For those of you who find this game enjoyable, it will be interesting to see it on the big screen!
  • We have decided to create a list of the best movies about bingo.

A popular game of bingo has already appeared in several scenes in different films and TV series no matter the genre. The reason for this is that plenty of people worldwide enjoy this way of gambling. Since bingo has featured in everything from comedies to horrors, we’ve decided to create a list of the best movies about bingo. For those of you who find this game enjoyable, it will be interesting to see it on the big screen!

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Big Momma’s House 2 (2006)

The movie Big Momma’s House 2 is a sequel to the police comedy. Indeed, Big Momma’s House achieved worldwide success in 2000, earning over $ 200 million. In the second part, a businessman Tom Fuller is suspected of developing and running a computer virus that threatens the security of the most important government systems. To prevent a catastrophe, FBI agent Malcolm Turner must reincarnate again as Big Momma ​​and try to get a job in the Fuller family as a governess. 

For the filming of a new episode of the adventures of FBI Agent Turner in the guise of an elderly lady, the director of the first film, Raja Gosnell, gave up his place to John Whitesell. The filmmakers explain the character’s success as follows: “Each of us has such a friend or acquaintance. A person who radiates kindness and knows how to warm our hearts by making us laugh. ” By his admission, actor Martin Lawrence, in creating the image, he relied on personal experience: “All the women in my family have strong characters, be it my mother, grandmother or my sisters.”

Moreover, it’s pretty impressive that it is one of the best movies about bingo. There is a scene that starts as a normal bingo game. However, the game stops when one of the gamblers shouts “bingo” even though he hasn’t won. The rest of the players go quiet and turn to see the player. Indeed, everyone takes seriously their game of bingo. So what happened in the movie? The player just mixed up American and the UK version of bingo. Indeed, there are 75-ball and 90-ball options. To learn more about checking the online bingo sites in the UK

Best movies about bingo: Inglourious Basterds (2009)

In 1941, German officer Hans Landa, nicknamed “The Hunter of the Jews”, visits the dairy farm of the Frenchman Perrier Lapaditte. After shooting all members of the Jewish family, he allows the 18-year-old Shoshanna to escape, holding her at gunpoint to the horizon. Three years later, at the final stage of World War II, American Lieutenant Aldo Rein recruits a group of soldiers. They need to infiltrate the territory of occupied France to carry out sabotage operations. In parallel with this, Shoshanna, who works in a cinema, plans to start a fire at the premiere of a German patriotic film. Here, the entire Nazi elite, including Hitler, should be present.

In reality, the famous Tarantino film “Inglorious Bastards” about a group of Nazi hunters doesn’t have a bingo game scene. However, it features an interesting discussion about the essence of the word “bingo”. Towards the end of the film, Nazi Colonel Hans Landa and American Lieutenant Aldo Raine discuss Landa’s surrender. Meanwhile, Landa uses his famous phrase: “Oooh, that’s a bingo”. “Is that the way you say it? That’s a bingo?” Landa asks Raine. “You just say bingo”, replies the latter. “Bingo! How fun,” exclaims Landa in a high-pitched voice. Before visiting the Bet365 Bingo, check the other Bingo Games in Hollywood Movies That You Will Definitely Enjoy.

Rampage (2009)

The “Rampage” is an up-to-date reflection of the reality taking place in America. Indeed, you can call the motion picture Rampage a social action drama. In recent years, the news of the world has often flashed reports of executions by ordinary citizens of ordinary residents of this or that American city. What prompts them to take such a radical step: The availability of weapons purchase? Family troubles? Or a real empathy for the events in the country and the world? Each viewer will find one’s answers to these questions in one of the best movies about bingo.

Calm, for the time being, the guy Bill Williamson of a quiet American town “suddenly” equips himself as an army special forces and goes out into the street to kill everyone who gets in his way. He considers them to be guilty of all the world’s economic cataclysms. Indeed, they are the inhabitants who brought the country to political instability. Moreover, according to Williamson, they must answer for this. The picture is social, despite the massacres of civilians. The effect of the film is enhanced by Bill’s off-screen commentary. The movie camera shakes constantly as if Williamson is filming everything.

And who could forget the bingo scene in this cult movie? In one of the scenes, Bill slips into a bingo hall, buys a sandwich, harasses the person behind the counter, and leaves. Fortunately, Bill decides not to kill any of the bingo players. In reality, the players are so occupied with their bingo game that they don’t even notice Bill walking with his weapons! And how couldn’t they be? Indeed, the game of bingo is so exciting – just visit the online bingo sites in the UK to make sure!

Best movies about bingo: Hotel Transylvania (2012)

In the center of the plot will be Mavis – the carefree daughter of Count Dracula, spending all her free time in the company of Hank Stein, Pedro, and Wendy Blob. With the departure of her father, who embarks on a long journey, she is given a unique chance to personally manage the Hotel Transylvania. Eager to prove to Dracula that she can lead the family business, Mavis and her friends decide to implement non-standard ideas to radically change the hotel. However, the vile aunt Lydia, the older sister of Count Dracula, opposes any changes, trying to preserve the original look and traditions of the hotel.  Sometimes even vampires can have problems with their relatives!

Moreover, this animated comedy features a spooky bingo scene. Here, the players use the skulls instead of the balls. Suddenly, the caller says “N-27”, and one of the monsters shouts out “bingo”. However, just as the gambler says this special word, a gremlin sitting nearby eats one’s paper. This causes the monster to look at the gremlin and shout, “How dare you! Do you know what doctor made me?” The scene ends with the gremlin’s response that it wasn’t him who did it. Indeed, this hilarious movie certainly raised the profile of bingo among younger generations. However, to play in Bet365 Bingo you need to turn 18. Do not forget about that!

Bad Grandpa (2013)

The main character of the Bad Grandpa is Irving Zisman, who only cares about women and booze. The picture begins with the announcement of the death of his wife. This news made him happy because now the 86-year-old obnoxious grandfather is free and can do what he wants. His plans include the conquest of all women in the world, unrestrained fun, and a sea of ​​alcohol. However, the hero’s daughter comes to the funeral, who says that she is once again imprisoned for drugs. Thus, taking care of her 8-year-old grandson completely falls on the shoulders of the grandfather.

Irving immediately decides to hand the child over to his biological father. To save time, he wants to mail him. When this venture failed, the grandfather had no choice but to carry him on his own. Therefore, the heroes set off on an unforgettable journey across America. Meanwhile, Zisman teaches his grandson how to steal in a store, meet women, and tells him who strippers are. Finally, Irving gives the boy to his father but then comes to the idea that he has become attached to the child during this time. 

And while the film is full of pranks and skits, a particular scene makes it one of the best movies about bingo. The prank begins in a bingo hall where Irving looks like he’s playing an innocent game of bingo. Later he starts to drink the ink from the bingo marker. He continues to play as if nothing happened and even manages to strike up a conversation with the other players. The slack-jawed look of the gamblers will make you laugh out loud. Besides, you can learn What You Should Know Before You Start Playing Bingo. Watch the movies, listen to our tips, and visit the Bet365 Bingo. Good luck!

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