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Posted: September 21, 2020

Updated: September 21, 2020

  • Nowadays, mobile casinos are on the rise for real.
  • While almost everyone now has a smart electronic device, relatively few people choose their phone based on its gaming capabilities.
  • In this article, we have decided to talk about the best smartphones for online gambling.

Nowadays, mobile casinos are on the rise for real. And there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, almost everyone in the world has a smartphone. Secondly, mobile games are usually free to download. While almost everyone now has a smart electronic device, relatively few people choose their phone based on its gaming capabilities. In this article, we have decided to talk about the best smartphones for online gambling.

Indeed, good gaming phones combine the very best hardware with game-optimized software for smooth and fast gambling. These phones often have clip-on controllers, forced RAM, or the most powerful CPU or GPU for improved performance. Some even have liquid cooling. Thus, you can open all the online casinos in the USA and start gambling whenever you want and wherever you are. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Best smartphones for online gambling: Main characteristics

The best gaming smartphones have powerful internal processors for smooth gaming, bright and colorful screens for game visuals. Besides, they provide for you as much memory as possible for downloading apps. And don’t forget about powerful batteries so you can enjoy the game for as long as possible without worrying about recharging. However, a phone itself is not enough because a good internet connection is also important.

Best Smartphones For Online Gambling
Are you in?

We recommend you to take into account not only CPU or GPU speed, RAM size, but the app ecosystem. Indeed, it is the main reason why Apple’s iPhone often tops the list. As a rule, the App Store has more games than the Google Play that Android smartphones use. Therefore, iPhone owners are often the first to get access to new games. However, to visit the Intertops Casino from your smartphone you don’t need to download any application. For your convenience, we have checked all the options and selected the best smartphones for gambling based on the factors mentioned above.

Best Android smartphones for gambling online

While mid-range smartphones can support online casino games, you need a powerful device for a better live casino experience. The best hit for the dollar is the Android smartphone. You will get more power at an affordable price. Although pricey, ROG Phone 2 is the best Android smartphone for online gamers. It has a large 6.59-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Under the hood, it packs the latest Snapdragon 855+ chipset that runs octa-core processors and an Adreno 640GPU. The RAM is 12GB while the storage is 128GB.

Another great deal and one of the best smartphones for online gambling is Razer Phone 2. It also comes with high refresh rates and 120Hz. It is based on the Snapdragon 845 chipset and is powered by an octa-core processor. Besides, RAM is 8GB while storage is 64GB. For players who look for a great bargain, this is a great choice. All the Mobile Gambling Apps will be with you 24/7.

More Android options for you

The Honor View 20 looks amazing from almost any angle and takes really great pictures. With a Kirin 980 processor and 6/8 GB of RAM, this reasonably powerful smartphone matches and competes comfortably with much more expensive flagship phones. It is one of the best smartphones for online gambling for real! A large 6.4-inch screen that processes content at 1080p +, a powerful processor, a lot of internal storage – all at a reasonably low price than most competitors offer. However, it has some small disadvantages. First of all, this is the screen resolution. It is slightly lower than some competitors have. However, the difference is barely noticeable. There is also no SD card slot, so once the 128/256 GB memory is full, you won’t be able to expand it.

Best Smartphones For Online Gambling
Let’s play!

Of course, there is no more powerful Android phone in the world right now than Samsung’s just-launched Galaxy S20. Not only is it fast, but it will also last for quite some time in the game mode. It all happens thanks to its 4,100mAh battery and cooling technology designed to maintain optimal temperatures even during the most demanding games. And Samsung’s stunning Dynamic AMOLED display makes your gaming experience incredible. Try it while gambling in one of the online casinos in the USA.

Best smartphones for online gambling: iOS

The best choice here is the iPhone XR, which is well-equipped in terms of display and performance. It sports a 6.1-inch IPS LCD. A six-core A12 Bionic processor provides it along with an Apple GPU with a 4-graphics core backed up by 3GB of RAM. The storage options are 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. XR is not the latest model from Apple, meaning its price is already reasonable. A good alternative is the Apple iPad, which boasts a large display, great performance, and is much cheaper than some of the latest iPhones. While the iPad may not be as easy to carry around as the iPhone, it brings a live dealer game to life.

Apple iPhone XS Max is one of the largest models at a good price. Its 6.5-inch screen blurs the line between tablet and phone. However, it is not so convenient to use it with one hand. Games on the iPhone XS Max are a dream come true, although the price of a smartphone may seem unattainable to some. The range of games is endless thanks to the App Store. This is a premium device and it is worth all the money. Besides, the iPhone XS Max is best suited for those who want to play on iOS and the big screen but don’t want an iPad. You can also use it to Bet on Mobile Games.

To sum it up

When choosing from one of the best smartphones for online gambling, there are several factors to consider. First is the display, of course. Ergonomics are also essential for a comfortable hold. Besides, processor, GPU, RAM, and storage also have a relationship, along with battery capacity. The Most Fantastic Technologies that Will Innovate Online Gambling are all around us. Therefore, if your smartphone is not good enough for gambling, just pick the other one from our list. The Intertops Casino is waiting for you. Good luck!

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