Biggest Events to Bet On – The Most Followed Events in the World

  • The biggest event to bet on is the World Cup.
  • America’s biggest sporting event
  • The most diverse event in the World
  • There are more online games to bet on than you think
  • Make money watching your favorite show
Biggest Events to Bet On
The Super Bowl 50 – Image source: Voice of America via Wikimedia Commons

Are you someone who does not enjoy casinos but would like to gamble? If you answered yes, then online gambling is your best option. There are countless events going on in the world that you could bet on and earn money. Your best option to make the most money is to gamble on the massive events. We list down for you the biggest events to bet on and ways to earn money out of them!

FIFA World Cup 2022 – The Biggest Event to Bet On

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest event to bet on without a doubt. It is the most viewed event with an average of 3.2 billion viewers in the years 2010 and 2014. The World Cup is held once every four years which makes it one of the most anticipated events on the planet. It involves the participation of the 32 best national teams in the world who are competing for the most prestigious title a football player could get.

As the tournament lasts for about a whole month, there will be many ways and opportunities to gamble on. For instance, you can gamble on the winner of the cup. According to FIFA research, an estimated total of 7.2 billion dollars was wagered on for the last World Cup final between France and Croatia. Other ways of gambling on the World Cup include the top scorer, the number of goals scored in a match, the player with most assists, and many more. The next World Cup will take place in 2022 in Qatar, and it will certainly be the biggest event to bet on that year. Will France win it again? Or some other team has a better chance? Check out this article to know more about the 2022 World Cup betting predictions.

Biggest Events to Bet On
FIFA Map – Image source: EOZyo via Wikimedia Commons

Superbowl – The “Big Game”

The Super Bowl is the greatest and most-watched American sporting event with an average of 102 million viewers. The championship is organized by the National Football League (NFL) and occurs annually in early February. During that period of the year, people would stop what they are doing to watch. The championship would dominate all news, social media, newspapers, and other media outlets. In addition, there is an expected increase in the popularity of the championship worldwide. In a recent press release, the NFL claimed that people in over 200 countries will be able to watch the game. Furthermore, the Super Bowl offers a unique element of entertainment that attracts more and more people. The pre-game ceremonies and halftime shows feature the most popular artists and singers in the world. For instance, in the last edition of the championship, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performed in the halftime show. 

There are numerous options to bet on for this championship. Of course, you can bet on the winning team and the MVP, but there are other interesting options you can bet on as well. For instance, you can bet on the halftime show props, commercial props, length of the national anthem, and many more. It is the biggest event to bet on in America as Americans wager approximately 7 billion dollars on it.

Olympic Games – It Has the Biggest Events to Bet On

Inspired by the ancient Greek Olympic Games, the Modern Olympic Games are held every four years. It is divided into two main categories which are the summer games and the winter games, and each category occurs every two years. With thousands of athletes from over 200 countries participating, the Olympic Games are the biggest sporting event in terms of athletes participating. In the upcoming Olympic games, 33 different sports will be contested for gold. Those sports include Gymnastics, swimming, track and field, boxing, and many more. With that number of different types of sports, the Olympic Games are one of the biggest even to bet on.

You may get confused about the best options to bet on with that many sports. To make sure that you pick your best option, this article provides 7 tips on how to win money gambling on the Olympic games. Make sure you carefully read it before you bet on anything. The Olympic games are an easy opportunity to make money as it includes many big events to bet on. Do not miss it!

Online Games – The Games to Bet On

Online gaming has been getting more and more popular. This increasing popularity resulted in categorizing online gaming as a sport that is covered by sports channels. The most popular and biggest online multiplayer game to bet on is League of Legends (LOL). The game is played by millions of players from all over the world. Also, big tournaments and competitions take place each year with massive following and prizes. There are many types of bets that you can wager on with this game. For example, you can bet on the winner of a tournament, or a winner of a match between two teams, and many more. Even if you are someone who is not a gamer, you could make money betting on this game. To help you win the money you want, we provide you this beginner’s guide to betting on League of Legends.


Biggest Events to Bet On
The International is the biggest Dota Event – Image source: Flickr


Similar to League of Legends, Dota 2 is also a very popular online multiplayer game that has the biggest events to bet on. Professional tournaments for the game are held on multiple occasions with betting opportunities. Make sure you do not miss those opportunities and check out this beginner’s guide to DOTA 2 betting to guarantee a win. There are many online games other than the previously mentioned two. For instance, you can bet on CS:Go, FIFA, PES, and many other tournaments.

TV Shows – Biggest Shows to Bet On

If you want to transcend your experience of watching your favorite TV show, gambling is your answer. Gambling on your TV show will give you a new perspective and provide a level of excitement and anticipation that you would not get if you are just watching. There are many shows that you can bet on including American Idol, Britain’s Got talent, the voice, the X factor, and the WWE. If you are unsure if you can bet on your favorite show, check the online gambling site in the US. Bet365has a whole section for TV shows under the name of TV Games. Visit the website and bet on your favorite show. 

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