Kings of Wheel: Who Are the Biggest Roulette Winners Ever?

  • These five roulette players hit the biggest jackpots of all time
  • Each gambler has different background but money unites them
  • You can join their company as well if you try your luck at Bet365 Casino
biggest roulette winners

These five gamblers once placed a bet, let the dealer spin the wheel, and won the biggest prize of their lives. Later they formed the list of the biggest roulette winners of all time with fantastic profit at that date. Who are these lucky men?

Playing roulette is a game of chance, where you can rely only on your intuition and Lady Luck. Even learning everything about best bets in roulette cannot guarantee a victory as you need to have fortune smiling on you. Well, the 5 biggest roulette winners have definitely had one by their side as they managed to win big money at the moment they were playing. Who are they and how much money did they win? Let’s see.

If you also want to enter the list of the biggest roulette winners, read a review about Bet365 Casino and try your luck in gambling. Just remember that winning chances are equal to everyone regardless of their origin or profession and 5 lucky men proved it throughout centuries.

Charles Wells was one of the first biggest roulette winners 

The English gambler Charles Wells was one of the luckiest dogs when it came to playing roulettes. He wrote his name in history thanks to a series of extraordinary wins in casinos. In 1891, Wells won almost 1 million francs in Monte Carlo Casino Resort. By rumors, he placed the right bets in 28 out of 30 attempts! Moreover, he wanted to keep on playing, but the casino ran out of money thanks to his winning spins and stopped the game.

biggest roulette winners
Charles Wells is one of the biggest.

Such a jackpot was enormous as for the late 19th century, but it didn’t stop Wells from gambling. So he was back to some Monte Carlo casino a few years later and tried his luck again. Guess what? He won 1 million francs again without any cheating! Was it pure luck or fraud is still debatable. However, later Wells became known as a scammer, so casinos took an investigation on his victories, but didn’t find anything suspicious. This is the story that is called playing roulette like in the movies!

An unbelievable story of a half-million dollars jackpot

Another lucky winner won less than its predecessor, but at least wasn’t suspected in scamming. A 40-years-old programmer from England Chris Boyd won almost half-million dollars in roulette. At some point, his winning story is even more interesting and unbelievable among all the other biggest roulette winners.

In 1994, Boyd came to Las Vegas to look for a casino ready to accept a single bet of $220.000. Usually, casinos don’t take such big sums and are limited at $100.000 bets. However, Boyd managed to find Binion’s Horseshoe Club that agreed to accept money and cover 00 in their roulette wheel as a bonus for such a big bet. Boyd wagered everything on 7 red… and won. Can you imagine yourself betting such a big sum saved for years and doubling it? Well, fortune has definitely smiled at Chris and he left with $440.000.

A businessman won $2 million in roulette in London

One of the biggest roulette winners became even richer in one night. A British businessman Phillip Green owns several retail houses including Topshop and Burton, but it doesn’t stop him from gambling. A billionaire had once tried playing roulette in a local casino Les Ambassadeurs and luck smiled at him. Phillip Green put $2 million to his wallet. However, big money didn’t save him from a series of scandals. Since the 2000s, Green has been regularly accused of racism, sexism, harassment, violation of workers’ rights, and tax avoidance. British House of Commons even asked to strip Green of his knighthood title, but he still has one for some reason.

biggest roulette winners
Who’s gonna be the next big winner?

Another man from the UK is among the biggest roulette winners 

It seems that roulette games bring luck to gamblers in Britain as another big winner won his jackpot there. Probably, you should also play at the online casinos in the UK to try your luck. If you have doubts, read Mike Ashley’s story of several life-changing bets.

Ashley is a British businessman and owner of Newcastle United FC. However, his successful career couldn’t give him additional points in a casino if only fortune hadn’t been by his side. But as we know, self-confident people attract Lady Luck and so did Ashley. In 2008, he placed bets of different sums on each inside bet that included the number 17. In gambling, such betting style is called a complete bet. Ashley made this bet on a total of $500.000 and won. His winning jackpot was around $1.5 million, but he was paid $800.000 after taxation. Anyway, winning roulette is never disappointing, so congratulations to the lucky man.

The most recent big jackpot was won in Rio

The newest and also the richest roulette winner hit his jackpot in Rio de Janeiro in 2017. Pedro Grendene Bartelle is a Brasilian entrepreneur who managed to win a record-high $3.5 million spinning the wheel. His lucky number was 32 and you can try to use it too while playing online. However, the most recent king of roulettes had to spend some money first as he wagered around $35.000 before hitting the mark. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it as the minimum deposit limit at online casinos as Bet365 Casino starts from $5. If you want to bet $10.000 – you are free to do it and may the fortune be with you.

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