Brad Pitt in The Morning Show Alongside Jennifer Aniston


Posted: March 16, 2020

Updated: March 16, 2020

  • Brad Pitt may appear as an actor or guest on The Morning Show
  • Newly rekindled friendship with Jennifer Aniston might play a role in this
The Morning Show is available on Apple TV. Image source: Wikipedia

Since the SAG awards, 2020 everyone has been talking about the infamous picture of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Pitt took home the Actor in a Supporting Role meanwhile Aniston won the Actress in a Drama Series award. Later a series of pictures were released where the two are seen congratulating each other on their respective win. And of course, the internet blew up and fans were swooning all over them. It seems that even 15 years after their divorce, Brad and Jen are celebrities people can not get over. Which brings us to why there are chances that Brad Pitt in The Morning Show might actually happen.

Aniston is the lead actress in the drama series ‘The Morning Show’. The tv series has been garnering immense attention especially due to the amazing performances by the cast. After the recent interaction between the ex-couple, fans are suggesting that Brad Pitt could easily fit into the cast along with Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. This news is, of course, making rounds on the internet due to Jennifer’s connection with Brad and the show producer Reese. Also, plot twist, Aniston herself is one of the executive producers for the show. These certainly confirm that if Brad wishes to become a part of the successful show, it will be rather easy for him to secure a role.

Brad Pitt in The Morning Show as Alex Levy’s rival?

The Morning Show revolves around the struggles of a television anchor. Alex Levy played by Aniston is the host of the morning show. She shares most of her on-screen time with Bradley Jackson, the field reporter played by Witherspoon. As the plot unravels, we witness Alex face multiple challenges to keep her job.

Brad Pitt in The Morning Show
Jennifer Anniston plays Rachel Green on Friends and Alex Levy on The Morning Show. Image source: gdcgraphics / CC BY-SA ] via Wikimedia Commons

Meanwhile waiting for season 2, online gambling news in the US is suggesting The Morning Show could introduce Brad Pitt in the series. Well if that were to be true in the future, how will they introduce his character? All the fans of Friends series may remember Pitt making a cameo in an episode where he is a childhood friend of Ross. The character Pitt plays hates Rachel and is also the co-founder of ‘I hate Rachel Green club’. 

If the writers were to take any inspiration from the past, Pitt may appear as one of the rivals opposite Aniston. The duo of two as enemies on-screen has previously been rather entertaining according to a review about 1xbet sportsbook.

Pitt, Aniston friendship could land the actor another job

All the fuss on the internet regarding the pictures of the two actors backstage at SAG awards. This became ‘hot news’ for more than it was necessary. The internet is insistent on the two getting back together. However, both the actors consistently deny such rumors and deem the relationship as completely platonic.

Brad Pitt in The Morning Show
Will Brad Pitt secure a role in The Morning Show? Image source: Toglenn / CC BY-SA ] via Wikimedia Commons

It does not necessarily have to be a romantic relationship for a person to help another. Hence, online gambling sites in the US are betting on Pitt to appear as a guest or an actor in the show. 1xbet sportsbook is providing the low odds of 7.00 at 1xBet Sportsbook. which goes on to show that this may be possible.

Therefore, we can hope to see Brad Pitt play the role of another tv-show host who will either replace the ex-partner, Steve Carell or even as a love interest of the morning hostess.

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