Brexit and ISIS Go Hand in Hand

Brexit ISIS EU Referendum

Brexit and ISIS are both against European Christian values and the terrorist nation admints that Brexit is perfect for them.

If you were in favour of Brexit, you’re in favour of ISIS as well as terrorism. That’s it. No need to check online gambling news in the UK any longer because you’re nothing else just a terrorist supported who is all against Christianity in Europe, hoping for unity to become disunity, order to became chaor, happiness to became fear and European common sense and well-being to be overtaken by Brexit and ISIS. That’s what Leave voters did to our continent.

Brexit and ISIS are BFFs

Earlier this year, the propaganda newspaper of the Islamic State, al-Naba, has declared that they are ready to attack Great Britain. However, now Brexit and ISIS seems to be really good friends and this beautiful connection seems to be helping in solving the relationship problems between the European country and the Middle-Eastern terrorists as al-Naba applauded Brexit. They argued that thanks to Britain leaving EU, the Crusader Europe is becoming weaker which is good for their cause.

And what is their cause once again? Killing off innocent people? For what? They say that their religion prophets it to them but in fact there is no religion that would ever say something like that. They are just radical bigots from Asia who are getting friendly with radical bigots from Europe. That’s the story. ISIS and Brexit voters are nothing but pure suckers.

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