The Bugs and Meyer Mob

  • Mafia and gambling are like apple pie and ice cream
  • Let's call it Murder Inc
  • Live by the sword, die by the sword
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The Mob that made Las Vegas


Thanks to the Bugs and Meyer mob, mafia and sports betting are a match made in heaven. Since the beginning of Las Vegas to the creation of Internet betting like the Free Spin Casino, the cold hand of the mafia is ever present. Let’s take a look at The Bugs and Meyer Mob, a couple of the big players within the early industry.

Introduction: The Bugs and Meyer Mob

Even though we already know so much about the mafia or Cosa Nostra, their characters, their methods and their history, they continue to hold a fascinating grip on our culture. One thing is certain though, since the beginning they have always had a hand in gambling. Here we take a look  at The Bugs and Meyer Mob, a group who strove to make the word “mafia” so compelling.

The Bugs and Meyer Mob

This was a Jewish-American street gang. They bore the name of Meyer Lanskey and Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel. During Prohibition, they cut out a name for themselves as one of the most violent gangs of the era. They met when they were teenagers on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The gang saw it’s formation in the early 1920’s. In the beginning the work was mainly car theft. But as time passed they moved up into protection, truck hijacking, murder and illegal gambling. These are some online casinos in the US to check out. They carried with them a violent reputation. In the early 1930’s they formed the “National Crime Syndicate” which was a special outfit with the task of  “enforcement” and murder. The press of the day called this group, “Murder Inc”. Many claim that they are responsible for between 400 to 1,000 contract killings.

Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel, Bugs and Meyer mob, Bugsy Siegel, Cosa Nostra family gambling, mafia gambling, Murder Inc, online casino, The National Crime Syndicate
Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel

The Accountant

Originally with a base in New York, Lansky, a math wizz, kid, was the brains of the gang and carried the name of “The Accountant”. When Prohibition was finally over in 1933, they couple move into gambling. He once said, “There’s no such thing as a lucky gambler, there are just the winners and losers. The winners are those who control the game… all the rest are suckers.” He traveled to Cuba and helped to instigate the legalization of gambling. During the 1940’s Lansky was the instigator of legalizing gambling in Cuba. There he opened several high rolling casinos in Havana. He also ran operations in New Orleans, New York, Florida, and the Bahamas. Similar to the Free Spin Casino. He was said to have a personal fortune of over $300 Million, which was in a Swiss bank account. Interestingly enough, after his death in 1983, he estate saw a value of just $15,000.

Flamingo hotel and casino, Bugs and Meyer mob, Bugsy Siegel, Cosa Nostra family, gambling, mafia gambling, Meyer Lanskey, Murder Inc, The National Crime Syndicate
Flamingo Casino and hotel

The Bugs and Meyer Mob: Murder Inc

While Lansky was the “brains”, Siegel was the “brawn”. He was born in 1906 in Brooklyn. When he was young he had a reputation of being of short temper. People described him as being “crazier than a bedbug”. Hence the name “Bugsy”. The formation of Murder Inc, along with it’s huge number of killings, was to cause Siegel many enemies. In 1937, Seigel moved across country to California. Using money from offshore casinos and prostitution rings, he started rubbing shoulders with movie stars. He later opened the The Flamingo Hotel and Casino in 1946. But it turned out that he was better at the dirty work. The casino ran over budget and finally closed in 1947. Here is list of online casinos in the US that are open today. His end was to come just a few months later, with him being the victim of a shooting in his own home. To this day the killer is a mystery.

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