Did A Brexit Odds Manipulation By Bookies Bugger Britain?

Brexit Odds Manipulation By Bookies in UK

Looking at the odds that were touted, the polls that were cited, the obvious sense of voting to remain and the nasty ignorant racism of the vote Leave campaign, it seems unfathomable that the UK could have voted to leave the European Union, so were there a Brexit odds manipulation by bookies to lure people into a false sense of security about the vote?

Odds Manipulated?

  • Bookies vested interests
  • Short selling stocks
  • Currency speculation
  • Media complicity
  • Rise of the right

The Brexit odds manipulation is not as far fetched as it sounds with gambling companies based in the UK will now no longer need to open up their markets to foreign competition from the continent, and with UK gambling laws and over 7bn GBP at stake year in year out the desire to create a protectionist framework to give them pre-eminence of position is a clear business goal. So with a vested interest in a vote to leave the EU did the gambling companies we know and love so well conspire to mislead the public?

It seems unlikely the nice people at Bet365 would do such a thing and yet odds were suspiciously low on Remain prior to the vote and there were those that took those as safe, and yet for once the bookies were wildly wrong about the course of events and aided by the pollsters lead those that like to bet on sports in the UK who’d wagered on the result completely astray.

Brexit Part One – Was There A Gambling Industry Conspiracy?

Naturally there could be no way for mere gambling websites to stage a Brexit odds manipulation of any worth without the assistance of the news media like Sky News whose gleeful and gloating coverage of the results of the vote underline just how much they are no longer providing coverage of events and opinions but helping form them to their own ends. The chaos has boosted audience figures, and one has to wonder if they were complicit in misleading the public as to the real danger posed by the Leave Campaign and people like Nigel Farage?

Brexit Part Two – The Brexit Vote Conspiracy Will Be Televised

The Brexit odds manipulation aftermath saw Britons vote to leave the EU but the rippling effects of this landmark political decision spread around the world with markets both near and far feeling the pinch. Stock market speculators on the Nikkei 225 selling short made money off this sudden dive that saw 2tn USD wiped off the value of shares in the first 24 hours after the vote result was made public. But were the brokers in on the conspiracy or just taking full advantage?

Brexit Part Three – Referendum Profiteers Pillage Stock Market

The Currency markets also suffered as the results of the Brexit odds manipulation played out with the Pound falling against a raft of currencies around the world, most particularly the dollar where it hit a low not seen since 1985, and of course the Euro, with which its future relationship will be all important for the pockets of the British people who voted for Brexit but may not have been aware of just how much money currency speculators would make from their decision in the UK gambling news would be of massive fluctuations in exchange rates.

Brexit Part Four – Currency Chaos Of The Referendum Conspiracy

Whilst some were making money from the Brexit odds manipulation there were those that were making hay and one of the upshots of the vote on Thursday is the emboldening of the far right in the UK. The rise of Nigel Farage and UKIP will continue on the back of this victory and with a vacuum created by the exit of David Cameron allow them to push the rest of their small-minded xenophobic agenda, demonizing immigrants and misrepresenting the facts, in a ghastly replay reminiscent of the 1930s in Germany and we all know how that ended.

Brexit Part Five – The Brexit Conspiracy Theories & UKIP

The aftermath of Brexit will reverberate for years and the immediate political chaos will inevitably lead into a period of massive economic adjustment that is likely to prove unpopular amongst those that like to bet on sports in the UK at Bet365, however the democratic process has spoken and we must all live with the result of this Brexit odds manipulation that assisted the dystopian future to arrive early in the UK.

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