Discover the Top 5 Fastest Sports in the World

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Fastest Sports in the World

1. The Fastest Sports in the World- Badminton

Badminton is one of the fastest sports in the world, if not the fastest. Shuttlecock, the main shell of this game, accelerates to the speed of supercars, and players lose several kilograms during one match. After all, this is a continuous game in which the time delay is severely punished. Although for the majority of people, badminton is an easy and unobtrusive game at their leisure. Few have any idea what this game turns into in professional arenas. This sport requires incredible preparation and stamina. Speed ​​is one of the main criteria in many sports, and badminton is second to none. The shuttlecock flight speed is more than 300 kilometers per hour. The record belongs to the Malaysian Tan Boon Heong, who made the projectile move at an incredible speed of 493 km / h. But someone also managed to react to these blows!

2. One of the most played sport- Table Tennis

Few people think about how fast a person should have a reaction to play table tennis! Three beats per second – such results can produce table tennis professionals like Timo Boll or Christian Suss. Their ball can spin around its axis up to 50 times per second and touch the racket only in 1/10000 of a second. It seems very fast! But If you take other sports, at first glance, the speed of the ball in table tennis will seem very slow. However, you should remember that the distance between the player and his goal in all the other similar sports is very different from table tennis.

Fastest Sports in the World
Ready to play?

That is, the ball really flies out with great speed, but due to the high air resistance, it gradually slows down a lot and comes to the player much, much slower. This is why table tennis is one of the fastest sports in the world. And, of course, to play it, you need to have a phenomenal reaction rate. Betting on table tennis is very entertaining too. And if you are in search of a good sportsbook, check out Bovada.

3. The Fastest Sports in the World- Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a winter sport played by two teams of skaters using sticks to shoot a hard rubber hockey ball called the puck. This winter sport is famous enough to become a fast-growing physical sport, for which it earned the nickname “The Fastest Game in the World.” Ice hockey is an important event in many Western countries such as Canada and the northern United States. According to the latest statistics, ice hockey federations are represented in 73 countries around the world. This one certainly deserves a mention among the fastest sports in the world. By the way, you can check our article about Champions Hockey League 2021 and place your bet. For that, you can visit the online sportsbook sites in the US.

4. The Most Dynamic Sports in the World- Squash

Squash is a combination of badminton and billiards. It is one of the fastest and most physically demanding sports in the world. A professional squash player must have the speed of a sprinter, the stamina of a marathon runner, the flexibility of a gymnast, and the coordination of a fencer. At the same time, squash is a game for everyone. It does not require lengthy training, expensive equipment, and has simple and clear rules of the game. It is equally interesting for men and women, young and old people. Squash is available to people not only of different ages but also of varying degrees of physical fitness. Squash is a huge pleasure for fans and spectators. Armed with rackets, players gamble a ball inside the court – a transparent, brightly lit aquarium. Who has ever seen this – a fascinating sight!

Fastest Sports in the World
Let’s play!

5. Last but Definitely not Least- Fencing

If we are talking about speed and dynamism, then fencing suits these criteria in the best way and more than other types. This is perhaps the fastest of martial arts in general. And the entertainment is more than present. And beauty is an “added bonus”. Why is fencing, with such advantages, not very popular among the mass audience? More precisely, perhaps not at all popular? Simply, the viewer, the mass spectator, does not like to strain, including – to strain the brain. And here – you need to understand. Take the trouble and figure out in advance what is happening and in fencing and how in general. And the speed … You need to watch the battle, watch carefully. Here you can find more weird winter sports. Last but not least, choose your favorite fastest game and place a bet on it on Bovada. Good luck! So these were our picks of the top 5 fastest sports in the world. Hope you enjoyed it.

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