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The financial markets allow any of us to make healthy gains on the ups and downs of the rich bankers that control the world’s money  

Robin Hood, you will recall, looks awfully like Errol Flynn, has a tendency towards attire in green and spends much of his time in the woods tussling unnecessarily with his “merry” men. Indeed one of his mainstay recruiting methods appears to be either physically or verbally beating people into surrender or yield and then offering them a position within the outlaws of Sherwood Forest in some sort of bizarrely accelerated use of the Stockholm syndrome.

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Of course beyond all the archery, castle raids and wooing of Maid Marian, the thing for which Robin Hood is famous for above all else is “robbing the rich” and then “giving to the poor” in a rebellion against unfair, unjust and undeserved authority. However far from attempting to alleviate the suffering of the over-taxed peasants and townsfolk, this policy of targeted robberies was to set the rich against each other and attempt to effect regime change.

It’s lovely to think he was just redistributing wealth as some altruistic act of generosity and sympathy with the lowest of society, but objectively he had no vested interest in that at all whilst having a very obviously huge vested interest in having a different king that might give him his land, his title and (oooh look) his riches back again. Like all criminals then, Robin Hood robbed the rich in order to be rich himself.

The poor, per se, might have fared slightly better under the new regime but I don’t recall mention of them all being suddenly rich, nor even getting a merry-man-pension-plan, they were just something to stand on for Robin Hood as he clawed his way back to the money he’d been born into, money made, lets face it, from the hard work of the poor. The tale as a whole is a rather blatant advisory on knowing your place, and being patient if times are hard, a different rich guy will be along soon and he might be better.

Three Way Split Causes Issues

Of course these days riding around the greener bits of the UK gambling laws on taxation or the regime as a whole can be changed by a bit of highway robbery and bow wielding would be sheer folly, the Nottinghamshire Police have guns and helicopters with thermal imaging for a start, mostly because the social stratification of wealth is far more complex. Whilst there are still the rich, and indeed still the poor, there’s another group of people to contend with, the middle classes, and one can only imagine what they’d have made of Robin Hood.

Financial Betting Available

Doubtless there would have been much impassioned debate at the tables of middle class dinner parties up and down the country, headlines from the Daily Chainmail recounted, dismissed and defended, theories and solutions put forward to agreement, bemusement or derision. Some would have been gambling news of Richard’s return would herald an improvement of their lot, others on precisely the opposite. The middle classes are awfully fickle like that.

The chances are that any Robin Hood attempting to work in this apparent three tier world in which we live would have robbed from the rich, given to the poor, and got pilloried in the middle class press from both the left and right wings of the political spectrum. Then again, there’s a good possibility he’d have gone undetected by the masses as much of his crimes wouldn’t be the money-or-your-life ambushes on Sherwood’s roads of yore, but the high tech shenanigans of the internet.

Much of the money we now all hear about, say as part of political austerity programmes or indeed economic stimulus efforts, like quantitative easing (which if you haven’t noticed are pulling in opposite directions with one taking money out and one putting it in again in a wonderful macro futility) is notional, merely figures in a database or on the spreadsheets of accountants only governments, corporations and the corrupt could possibly afford.

Get Richer As The Rich Do Or If They Don’t

Whilst this might scupper any future Robin Hoods, it does present some lovely opportunities for the rest of us who like to wager on cards or bet on sport in the UK, or indeed elsewhere, since along with the huge host of traditional gambling opportunities the internet has brought unto us, the financial markets too are there at our fingertips, sites like Bet365 provide ample opportunities to, in effect become richer as and when the rich do.

Financial Betting at Bet365

You can wager on the major markets, Wall Street, the FTSE, Hong Kong or DAX, and decide if you think they’re going to go up or down and even by how much if you like, and along side these very LIVE markets (watching the numbers come in on the graph is strangely riveting) there are the equally up to the moment currency markets that allow you to wager on the fluctuations in the value of someone’s money against someone elses.

Think the US Dollar is going to fall against the Euro? Put your money on it, show that you can use the shifting fortunes of the international fiscal markets to your own advantage. The technology that has given us all access to these once hallowed grounds of the square mile and its ilk shouldn’t just be there for the gee-gees or which overpaid pillock scores when on Saturday. It can be so much more and Bet365 lays it all out there in a clear, simple manner for everyone to have a go at.

Robin Hood was trying to regain a position that was entirely financed by money taken from the poor, yet became famous for doing precisely the opposite, perhaps the best piece of rich-boy public relations ever (Put competing efforts in the comments folks – Ed) but we no longer have to wait a rich man to come and aid us, we’re now in a position to help ourselves and make some money off the efforts of the rich for a change. We can wager on their fortunes as they so often wager with ours.

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