Ferguson vs Gaethje Betting Predictions

  • An interim title fight sets up a super fight with the Lightweight champion.
  • An epic fight between the two of the best.
  • Ferguson vs Gaethje Betting Predictions numbers are in favor of El Cucuy.
Ferguson vs Gaethje Betting Predictions
Image source: Newaza Apparel / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

The public perception of any people getting into a fight and physically hitting each other is that of barbaric behavior, right? Well, you would be surprised that the fastest growing sport in the world is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This exceeding rise in popularity is owed to the growth of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Organization (UFC), which is currently valued at a whopping 4.2 billion dollars. The concept is to organize a matchup between two fighters with different fighting styles inside an octagon-shaped ring. Since its establishment in 1993, the UFC has held over 500 events in 22 countries. On May 9, the UFC arranged for a massive main event “Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje” in the US. Ferguson vs Gaethje Betting Predictions for the interim lightweight title are as close as championship fight should be.

The Best Fighting for An Interim Title

The UFC has set for two of the best lightweight contenders to fight for an interim title belt. With this in mind, the winner of this title earns title shot with the lightweight champion to unify both belts.  So, what do the Ferguson vs Gaethje Betting Predictions say?

Ferguson vs Gaethje Betting Predictions
Gaethje in ’18 – Image source: Richard Norris / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Ferguson is a fighter with diverse attacking skills and an unconventional fighting style. El Cucuy is one of the scariest fighters who demolishes and bloodies up his opponents. Currently, he holds a 12-win streak which is the record for the most consecutive wins the UFC’s lightweight division. Furthermore, Ferguson has had a prestigious career winning titles along the way. He made his UFC debut during the Ultimate Fighter Season 13 in 2011. In the finale, Ferguson won by a first-round knockout earning him a contract with the organization. Additionally, El Cucuy was the interim lightweight champion in 2017, however, a fight to unify the belts fell apart due to an injury. With all of these achievements, El Cucuy has a slight advantage in Ferguson vs Gaethje Betting Predictions.

Alternatively, Justin Gaethje is one of the most “savage” fighters to ever step into the octagon. Even though Gaethje has a solid background in wrestling, he chooses to brawl with his opponents. Gaethje is notorious for extraordinary stamina as he puts extreme pressure on opponents until he exhausts them. In other words, this fighting style breaks the will of opponents until they choose to give up rather than continue the fight. This is evident by his fighting record with 19 stoppage wins, 18 of those coming in by way of knockout.

A Chance to Fight the Undefeated Champion: Ferguson vs Gaethje Betting Predictions

Khabib sits on the throne of the lightweight division with a dominating undefeated record of 28 wins and 0 losses. This has led people to speculate about the fighter that could dethrone the Russian champion. Two of the biggest names that are always mentioned are Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje. The upcoming fight between the two for the interim belt guarantees that one of them will get a title shot with the Russian. Currently, online sportsbook sites in the US reveal a slight advantage for El Cucuy in the Ferguson vs Gaethje Betting Predictions. The odds of Ferguson defeating Gaethje are 1.57 while the odds of Gaethje winning are 2.5 at the bet365 Sportsbook. With the brawling style of both fighters, the likelihood of a knockout win by either side is quite high. Therefore, anything could happen on the night of May 9 as both fighters have the power and skills to knock out the other.

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