How To Attract Luck In Gambling: Feng Shui Tips


Posted: May 6, 2020

Updated: May 6, 2020

  • Have you ever wondered about how to attract luck in gambling?
  • We have listed famous Feng Shui tips that are helping a lot of people worldwide.

How to attract luck in gambling? Players are convinced that fortune can be tipped to their side by performing a ritual. And many ancient methods, oddly enough, work nowadays. After all, they give the main thing – they inspire faith. Besides, those who are skeptical about it lose more often. After all, such random actions as choosing a table, starting a slot, or shuffling are performed at the subconscious level.

Feng Shui attracts luck in gambling

A lot of people have heard about Feng Shui. However, not everyone knows what this Eastern philosophy means. Feng Shui is a Chinese science or art, also called practice or teaching. Its basic principle is to work with a person and one’s environment. In other words, this is the ecology of the living space and a set of principles aimed at improving the environment at home. Besides, it attracts and retains favorable energy and protects against harmful influences. Without going into more lengthy explanations of the essence of Feng Shui science, we will consider several fundamental principles and practical tips on how to attract luck in gambling.

1. Clean space brings luck

According to Feng Shui philosophy, the front door and the hallway in the house is the place where the energy of luck of Qi enters. Make sure that the entrance to the house is not overloaded. Therefore, remove all unnecessary things from there and restore order. It is also not recommended to keep thorny plants at the front door. According to Feng Shui, they disperse a good half of the positive energy that enters your home. Clean space is one of the tips on how to attract luck in gambling

2. Favorable energies should be close to each other to attract luck

how to attract luck in gambling
Don’t underestimate the power of the green dragon

Talismans of Fortune are fairly common in Feng Shui. In particular, to attract lottery luck, it is proposed to keep lucky Ai-Ching coins tied with a red ribbon somewhere in the wallet. Not so long ago, the story of a Chinese couple who won 70,000 pounds in the lottery in this way was published. They knew how to attract luck in gambling!

If there is a mountain behind your house or at least a small hill – consider that you are very lucky. The mountain behind the house symbolizes the patronage of the turtle. Besides, if you can boast of the presence of a mountain to the left of the house, it means that you are protected by a green dragon. Both the turtle and the green dragon bring great fortune and prosperity to the house and its inhabitants. 

However, if there are no mountains or hills behind your house, put a figurine of a dragon in the farthest part from the entrance to the house. The dragon is the most powerful talisman of luck in eng Shui. It will attract favorable energies to your home to protect and increase well-being.

3. What goes around comes around

Everyone heard this folk wisdom. However, ask yourself, do you follow this rule? Do you help enough people who are less fortunate in life than you? Poor, the elderly, orphans, sick people – this list goes on and on. Take a look around and start helping those in need with money, or at least attention. Helping others is another tip on how to attract luck in gambling and your life.

4. Never lose hope to get lucky in gambling

Thoughts are material – this is one of the most important pillars of Eastern philosophy. Never think that you can’t win while gambling. If you do not believe that one day you are lucky to hit the jackpot, make yourself believe it! Help others as much as possible, and one day, according to the law of karma, luck will be on your side. In the end, just one lucky number or a spin of slots is enough to win!

5. Persistence as a way how to attract luck in gambling

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Where would be the farthest away front from door of house to put the dragon