Everything You Need To Know About Gambling Near New York

  • Although gambling is legal in NYC, there are no full-fledged casinos
  • The city authorities will probably open land casinos in 2020
  • There are already some good places for gamblers to visit
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NYC will develop its gambling laws in 2020
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The Big Apple has many faces. Film directors represent it as a city where dreams come true. Songwriters praise its romantic vibes. Gamblers know it as a place that may become the next Vegas. So, here is everything you need to know about gambling near New York and within the city.

Is gambling near New York legal?

When it comes to gambling near New York, the first question that comes to mind is about its legalness. To dispel your doubts, we will start from the US laws concerning gambling. According to the New York constitution, voters approved an amendment to it that allows Las Vegas-style casinos in the state since 2013. It means that there are several legal gaming options that are strictly regulated but allowed. Before going to any gambling place in NYC, you should check if its owners have legalized all gambling games, otherwise, it will be considered illegal.

gambling near New York, online casinos in us, us casinos, casinos in new york
You can play slots in New York… but not everywhere [Jeff Kubina from the milky way galaxy [CC BY-SA] Wikimedia Commons]
Online casinos in NYC are partially legal to use. According to BettingUSA, city laws allow most forms of online gaming. You can enjoy some kinds of gambling as well as horse/greyhound race bettings, and various lotteries from home. Playing fantasy games is also a legal option for New York residents. However, online sports bettings and poker sites are still prohibited in the Big Apple but the situation can change this year already. Heads of major gambling companies regularly meet lawmakers to simplify the process of putting casinos in New York City. As they will bring money and give workplaces to thousands of people, NYC authorities have to agree.

Can I find big casinos in NYC? 

If you are looking for luxurious gambling locations from movies, you better visit Australia or Sweden to find them. Just joking. Although the best casinos in the world are still located in Nevada, there are some places in NYC to enjoy gambling. Officially, there are plenty of places legal and generally suitable for gaming near New York. They are mostly small but still well-equipped. However, another option is to wait: the full-fledged casinos can appear in NYC in 2020 the earliest. So, you better have patience and spend your time learning how to play games to earn money from your first visit to the NYC casino.

Where can I go to gamble?

Don’t you have patience? Get dressed and visit our top 3 best places for gambling near New York and within it.

Resort World Casino

gambling near New York, online casinos in us, us casinos, casinos in new york
RW Catskills is the best place to gamble near New York [Youngking11 [CC BY-SA] Wikimedia Commons]
Our #1 pick for the best casinos in New York is Resort World. This newest casino is about two hours driving from the city center but it’s worth it. Here you can find everything you can expect from a gambling place. Slots, table games, betting options, and various entertaining events are available here. Also, the best place for gambling near New York offers you a place to sleep and relax, which allows you to spend more than one evening at Resort World Casino.

Empire City Casino

One of the best casinos in NYC is located near Manhattan, so it is pretty easy to reach. Empire City Casino is a big complex full of gambling options for pros and newcomers. Different in-house and online games won’t leave you disappointed but don’t lose your mind! Read about popular casino tricks they use to keep you there and be careful with your money. You should also remember that you can gamble if only you are more than 21 years old.

Del Lago Resort & Casino

Last but not least. Del Lago is a casino hotel in Tyre, where you can fully enjoy gambling. It is about 4 hours driving from NYC but you don’t have to worry about it. Del Lago offers not only a wide range of gaming options but also a comfortable stay for you and your family. It is the best variant for spending a weekend as it is located near lake Ontario. What can be better than a combination of gambling near New York and a beautiful nature?

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