Gambling Spells to Attract Luck in the Casino


Posted: January 16, 2022

Updated: August 28, 2023

  • Winning the game depends not only on your skills but also on luck
  • Often, gambling is completely dominated by the mood of Fortune
  • Check out different gambling spells to attract luck in the casino!

Winning the game depends not only on your skills but also on luck. Often, gambling is completely dominated by the mood of Fortune. Therefore, the more experienced the player, the more one relies on the help of otherworldly forces and uses various ways to attract good luck. The whole process of the game and preparation for it is overgrown with signs and rituals. Often there is one option (a gambling conspiracy, an amulet, a spell) that is guaranteed to help in the game. If you cannot imagine life without risk and you like to play in casinos, check out different gambling spells to attract luck in the casino.

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How to attract luck in casinos

The well-known card games for money are familiar to many. However, playing with professionals is very difficult. As soon as a person takes advantage of luck in gambling, Fortune will help him defeat even the most professional players. To do this, before sitting down at the table, stop for a moment and say: “Ace in my pocket is flying like a rocket! I am lucky and successful, and the game won’t be stressful!” But after the third win, you should stop and leave the game. The next winning spell is done three to four days before the game. 

Besides, dry the fern-root and turn it into powder using a mortar. All this is done by hand, at home. However, do not use household appliances such as a blender or coffee grinder. Grind the root with a sharp knife, put it in a mortar, crush it with a pestle and say: “Let the victory carry over my way”.

After that, pour the powder into a cloth bag and hide it in your pocket. To attract luck in cards, before playing one pinch of this powder, imperceptibly throw it on the table on the right side of you. Besides, throw another pinch of powder to the left, and a third pinch straight in front of you. After that, the person will start to get lucky. Before visiting online casinos in the USA, read about Lucky Numbers in Gambling.

gambling spells to attract luck
Don’t worry it’s not that kind of magic…

Gambling spells to attract luck: Lottery

The lottery is considered a widespread game all around the world. Many people try their luck every day in the hope of hitting a big jackpot. However, not everyone succeeds. To turn your luck to yourself and try to win a large amount of money, you need to use the following ritual.

Buy a ticket when the rising moon phase begins, which is the time of acquisition, knowledge, growth, and multiplication. On the rising moon, spells to win at cards for money will also be very effective. Besides, before buying, you should have a bill or a coin with you, in the face value of which the number five will be present. It is considered the number of Fortune. 

A coin or a bill is sewn into clothes, in which they will go for a lottery ticket. It is best to use a strap. The moment a person sews up a bill, he must read the spell to win the lottery: “Let me know the lucky numbers! Send to my thoughts 7 big sunbirds!” After that slander, go to the kiosk where lottery tickets are sold. You should buy six tickets there and one online. Which of the tickets to choose should be determined intuitively, at random.

Then the tickets are shuffled so as not to know in what place which ticket was purchased. Indeed, at this moment the magic of winning happens. During the drawing, the seventh ticket that was bought separately will be lucky.

Therefore, visit the Bovada to increase your chances of winning.

Poker spells

Do you like fishing? Have you noticed that poker players are not indifferent to it? Do you think that this is such a kind of relaxation for the brain? Not really. Indeed, many people know a rather old secret. Namely, gambling spells to attract luck.

In this way, for some unknown reason, it has spread among poker lovers. Although, suitable for everyone, not just players. Maybe all the fishermen know about this secret and they have made a “fishing conspiracy”? We are unlikely to find out about this.

Indeed, the ritual is simple. Sit among people with fishing rods. As you see that someone is biting cheerfully, so speak the spell quietly. Besides, it is advisable to repeat it three times around different people. The spell words are as follows: “The slayer is a fish, Fortune’s smile at me. Your luck comes to me. Lucky for you, you came to me three. The key is in the river, the bottom is the grave. No power can change it so I need to stay brave”.

gambling spells to attract luck
Play poker like you play an instrument

Gambling spells to attract luck: Money magnet 

For regular wins, you can make a money magnet for yourself. However, there is one important condition – you cannot tell anyone about it. The ritual begins with a trip to the forest on a full moon. If there is no forest nearby, you can go to the city park or alley. Although it must be old, not reconstructed. Find a round stone there, bring it home, put it on the table, and draw a banknote on it. Whether it is a dollar, euro, or ruble sign, it doesn’t matter. You can display a character with anything. 

Then take the stone in your hands, close your eyes and mentally fill it with monetary energy. To do this, you need to imagine how the energy of all the money in the world is collected in this stone and sealed in it. Indeed, a magic amulet must be kept at home in the most conspicuous place. However, not to tell anyone what it means and what it is for. The money magnet will help attract good luck in gambling, in work affairs, and create pleasant situations related to money in online gambling sites in the USA

Lucky animals

Another strong spell to win cards or the lottery, for which you will need the following attributes: a pair of coins from your wallet, of any denomination, a little lemon zest, and a handful of cherry pits. Put everything in an iron box with a lid, close it and hold it in your hands, reading three times: “Magic box, please, store my luck and save it from misfortune. Let me win!”. Store a metal box with a sealed lid in the house, away from prying eyes. 

Before starting a casino game or betting on sports, you should pet the tail of a black cat. Indeed, this attracts Fortune and brings victory to you. Since the animal cannot be taken with you to the gambling house, this must be done before departure. In order not to look for a black cat along the way, it is recommended to have it as a pet. An animal for good luck cannot be bought or accepted as a gift. The best mascot will be the kitten that itself will be at the door of the house. Besides, the rainy and colder the weather on this day, the more happiness and money the animal will bring.

gambling spells to attract luck
Good luck!

Therefore, slowly stroke the tail 12 times. If the animal runs away, then on this day it is not recommended to conclude deals, start a new business. Especially do not count on getting lucky in the slot machines. Luck on this day is not on the side of man. Learn more about How to Attract Gambling Luck before visiting the Bovada Casino May luck be with you!

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