Has The US Olympic Bid Been Eviscerated By The Trump Effect?

Donald Trump US Olympic bid

The US Olympic bid for 2024 was running neck and neck with Paris but now there’s a new occupant of the White House throwing his weight around the odds on Budapest are closing up at sites like Bet365 and the ripples from “The Trump Effect” sloshing around the world look set to make this an interesting decision for the IOC.

Olympic Hosts 2024

• Paris – 7/10
• Los Angeles – 23/10
• Budapest – 6/1

These days one can’t really discuss current events without noting what has become termed “The Trump Effect”, the weighty influence on the world his novel approach to governing has had in the short time he’s been resident in the White House. Surrounded by the cast of the dullest episode of Lie To Me ever made (one where we can ALL tell they’re lying all the time) Donald Trump has already thrown up some constitutional questions, sparked numerous protests and now seems set to scupper the US Olympic bid.

If you like to bet on sports in the US you’ll probably already know the 2024 Olympics has become a bit of a poisoned chalice. Numerous cities have backed away from hosting them, as in Hamburg where the population voted against it, and Rome where the Mayor just said no, despite the government being all for it. Now there is some concern in Los Angeles that “The Trump Effect” will now sway the IOC away from this US Olympic bid and leave just two cities still in the running. Paris and Budapest.

US Olympic Bid Under Threat From The Trump Effect

It should be noted, of course, that the International Olympic Committee have never had a very good relationship with the US, ever since the Americans used the games as just another part of the cold war with the 1980 Moscow Olympics boycott the relationship has been uneasy, and not helped by every winning US Olympic bid producing a fairly unsatisfactory games at the other end of far too much money. This means the Los Angeles effort was probably doomed even before The Trump Effect.

Modern US Olympics

• 1932 – Los Angeles
• President A No Show
• 1984 – Los Angeles
• Soviet Boycott
• 1996 – Atlanta
• Bomb Attack
• 2024 – Los Angeles?
• Not a hope……

On the campaign trail Trump famously called for a ban on all Muslims entering the US, his executive order creating a “temporary” ban on entry to the United States of America applying only to persons originating in numerous nations that just happen to be mostly Muslim, therefore, just a little alarming and not really in keeping with the Olympic spirit. Those in the US gambling news headlines would be of them beating Budapest and Paris may now have to admit the US Olympic bid is a dead duck.

Find Olympic Host Betting Odds Online At Sites Like Bet365

Donald Trump USA Olympic bid for 2024

Would LA host the Olympics in 2024? (Photo: USOC)

Of course you can still wager on LA to get the games at sites like Bet365, if you hunt around you can still get 23/10 on them taking the honor, but frankly with so many in sport like Mo Farrah speaking up in abhorrence of what Trump has done, it’s probably all over save the shouting. However before you all rush off and back the Paris at 7/10, just remember that the French have had a small problem with terrorism just lately and that could rear its ugly head at any moment and leave their bid in ruins too.

Which would leave the Budapest bid sitting pretty, and since you can get 6/1 on them getting the games if you look around sites like Bet365 part of me says this could be a very profitable little speculative wager for those that like to take advantage of US gambling laws but not necessarily to back their nation when they do so. The US Olympic bid might unfairly fall victim to “The Trump Effect” however given the levels of debt that hosting the games tends to create perhaps that’s just as well for LA.

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