How To Bet On An Alien Invasion With A Straight Face

Posted: September 21, 2020

Updated: September 21, 2020

Apparently there’s life on Venus so before it’s too late and we’re enslaved by little green men, we explain how to bet on an alien invasion of the planet Earth.

Professor Jane Greaves, an astrobiologist, and her team have found evidence of life on Venus. To say this perhaps the greatest scientific discovery of the last few hundred years would be an understatement. It means there could be life out there. Worse it could be coming here. So you may need to know how to bet on an alien invasion. Now obviously that will mean hitting up one of the online betting sites in the UK like Bet365, but how do you justify it on this evidence alone? We’ve some reasons for you.

1. Two’s Company?

So, wondering how to bet on an alien invasion on this evidence? In of itself some bacteria in the gas clouds above Venus made up of sulphuric acid is nothing special. They’re not likely to invite us to any parties or anything. However, for a wholly separate bio-sphere to exist outside our own in any form means there could be more. Indeed it would be very likely. Bit coincidental if it’s just us and Venus. We’re almost neighbors. So, there’s probably life throughout the galaxy and some of it will be unpleasant. Most of it here is. 

2. Drake Equation

Looking into how to bet on an alien invasion without appearing addled will always lead you to this. A highly complex equation that identifies the number of possible civilizations in the Milky Way, the Drake Equation is a cornerstone of believers. Some will point out there’s no way to complete it accurately, and yet others who’ll say that doesn’t matter. However, it is certainly enough to justify a speculative punt alongside your usual bet on sports in the UK at Bet365.

3. Hidden Aliens

Some have long posited that a significantly advanced alien civilization would remain hidden from us. This wouldn’t necessarily be for malevolent reasons, but due to their living environment. Enclosing a star in a megastructure, a Dyson Sphere, would both hide the light from our telescopes. So even radio wave returns would be minimized. So, that’s why you should learn how to bet on an alien invasion now. You really might not get long when it seems more obvious. They may pop up at any time. Then it’ll be over.

4. Hawking’s Warning

Stephen Hawking warned cultures encountering far more developed cultures tend to end up dead. Earth’s history is replete with examples. So any contact with aliens could well lead to disaster. This provides an edge to those seeking how to bet on an alien invasion without a qualm. It makes it far more likely to occur. Given the ridiculously high odds on an alien invasion, some bookies and online sportsbook sites in the UK offer, what’s not to like? Apart from abduction and probing.

How To Bet On An Alien Invasion
They are among us!

5. Are We Prepared?

Exploring how to bet on an alien invasion it’s often easy to miss the very obvious. The very reason you’re aware of the possibility at all is that we’ve been prepared to accept it. Popular culture has desensitized us to the frightening implications of extraterrestrial life. ET was almost a propaganda film. The aliens that actually visit might be far, far more hostile. This is, of course, part of a sweeping hidden agenda, one you can only hope involves us fighting off our spacefaring foes.

6. They Walk Amongst Us

Unfortunately, the next good reason for those examining how to bet on an alien invasion is a little less reassuring. There is every possibility aliens already live on Earth. Alongside us. Anyone in the UK gambling laws of nature explains that guy who works the night shift in the 24hr garage, or that Uber driver you go the other week, or that lady in the post office, think again. They’re aliens. Some of your colleagues could well be aliens too. The more you think about that, the more likely it gets. 

7. Fingers In History

Naturally, there is also the possibility we have already been invaded. There are plenty of examples throughout our history that some attribute to alien interference. Some of these ancient alien theories are absolutely barking and those who try to discover how to bet on an alien invasion should ignore them. Others, however, are far harder to explain. Even now age-old alien probes could already be testing our defenses. So, our days as the dominant species numbered. Get your bet on now. Bet365 is standing by.

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We help those learning how to bet on an alien invasion and justify the expenditure. If you want to learn more check out our other article about how to bet on aliens in the reflection of the latest UFO news. Stay tuned since the truth is out there!

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