How To Bet On Sports In The UK (In Case You’ve Forgotten)

Posted: June 3, 2020

Updated: June 3, 2020

Despite the lack of fans sports will return in dribs and drabs over the next few months. Whether behind closed doors or not, this will mean you’ll be able to bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 once more. Question is; Do you remember how to bet on sports in the UK? I mean it’s been quite a while, right? A lot has happened. Too much. One wouldn’t be too remiss for having let some of these less important things slip one’s mind. So, just in case, here’s the basics for having a little flutter.

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1. Pick A Sport

Yes, you remember, there are different sports. Indeed sport comes in all sorts of varieties. You may have had a favorite. Search your mind. See you can remember if back in January there was a particular game or pastime you enjoyed watching other people do. It may have involved a ball. Lots of them involve a ball. It’ll come to you. Keep trying. When you recall which you enjoyed you’ll be closer towards remembering how to bet on sports in the UK. But there’s still more to it.

2. Select A Participant

This is vitally important. Whilst the choice of individuals, in sports such as Tennis or Golf, are relatively benign, teams aren’t. Forget which team you used to support and you could be in a whole world of trouble. Try hard to remember, because if you pick the wrong one, it could be ghastly. None of the shirts you bought will match for a start. Other fans may give you a hard time. So before you hit up online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 to learn how to bet on sports in the UK, be sure you got this bit right. 

3. Peruse Their Record

It was a long time since you saw your chosen participant (or participants) perform. There’s a good chance they’ll be a tad rusty regardless, but you should still check their record. Were they winners before all this began? Instinctive support for a team you recall being fond of is laudable, but it may not be profitable. If you’ve just got back to reality and discovered you’re a Norwich City fan, my heart bleeds for you. Just do the sensible thing and back a different participant instead.

4. Check All The Odds

Online sportsbook sites in the UK will provide all the odds you need to remember how to bet on sports in the UK. These will be clearly laid out and give an accurate reflection of the wagers on offer. You may enter wishing to place a wager on a particular sporting participant only to discover their odds are unfavorable. This, naturally, leads to more opportunity to boost your bankroll, however, be careful. The assessment of odds by bookies is quite accurate for the most part.

How To Bet On Sports In The UK
Sportsbooks before the age of Internet – Image source: Flickr

5. Reassess Your Wager

So, reassess your wager in light of this new information. Your instincts might be entirely correct, but it is always best to double-check. Have you got the right sport? Have you picked the right participant? Are the bookies offering odds on sports in the UK and this sport in particular? Does their record of performance warrant you risking your hard-earned money on them? Be very sure to ask yourself all these questions before moving forward. It’s what you used to do. Promise. 

6. Find A Good Bookie Like Bet365

Regardless of which sport or participant, finding a good bookie like Bet365 is simple because Bet365 exists. There are, in every industry, leaders of the field. Those who are doing it bigger, better, and more successfully than the others. They build reputations for providing the best products or services the market desires. In the world of UK online sports betting, it’s Bet365. They’re the sensible established choice for those re-learning how to bet on sports in the UK. 

7. Watch The Sport On Television

Okay, so you remember that screen thing in the corner that has shown you three months of solid Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu? Well in the old days they used to show the sports on which you have wagered on that. This will begin again. So, once you’ve remembered how to bet on sports in the UK, it’ll be more enjoyable for you if you watch them on television. Or the internet. You’ll be able to watch all the action and see if taking advantage of UK gambling laws is right for you.

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We take a look at the seven key steps of how to bet on sports in the UK just in case you’ve forgotten in the last few months.

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