How to Play the Improved Casino Races at VideoSlots?

casino races at VideoSlots

Starting from today, new rules are in effect for the Casino Races at VideoSlots. Below you can read all the important rules!

Bet Amount Points
€0,2 1
€0,4 2
€0,6 3
€0,8 4
€1 5
€1,5 6
€2 8

For a while now, VideoSlots’ Casino Races promotion has been one of the most popular weekly leaderboard-style tournaments available. Unlike some other leaderboards, this one has achievable requirements and exactly 6590 winners. Last week, VideoSlots announced that they’re changing the point/spin system for the better. From now on, players can receive more points for the same efforts.

How to play Casino Races at VideoSlots?

The rules are extremely simple. All you have to do is play your favorite games throughout the week and collect points/spins with each real money bet. The minimum bet to score a point is €0,2. With the new system you’ll “get more spins on the leaderboard for the same amount of money you wagered before.” For example, a €2 bet will translate to 8 points instead of 3. The smallest win on the Casino Races is €3 and the largest is €500. Check out the new scoreboard and join the fun at VideoSlots!

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