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Posted: July 2, 2022

Updated: July 2, 2022

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If you like video games, then you are at the right place. Because we collected indie gambling games recommended to you by gamers. These indie games are not huge titles such as Far Cry or League of Legends. Therefore, this time we are not going to talk about the best esports to bet on. Because these games are made for you to have fun and relax.

Nothing more, and nothing less. Therefore, you don’t have to spend more money than the game costs. Furthermore, if you are interested in playing some serious gambling games with real money. Then you should just select one from our dictionary of online gambling sites in the US. Without further ado, let’s check out the most popular available indie games.

Casino RPG

According to Steampeek, Casino RPG is one of the most successful indie gambling games on the market. The name of the game pretty much tells what this video game is all about. This is something like the mix of a typical RPG, SimCity, Tycoon games, and a metaverse. Therefore, on this platform, every player is operating and running a casino in an online city. Your task is to play and have fun.

Therefore, you can win in-game currency, which you can use to expand your casino. Generally, you are going to visit the casinos of other players. Furthermore, they are going to visit your casino. Therefore, in this video game, you are a part of a micro-economy, were gambling leads to creation. Because creation leads to gambling in this game.  Time for you to relive the 2012 Facebook Farming Game era in casino suit.

Bullet Roulette

You already know what Russian Roulette is. However, if you are unaware of what it is. Generally, the idea is that people used to stake all of their money. Then they proceeded to lead a single bullet into a gun and pass it around. Therefore, in this gambling game, people played with their lives. Therefore, this is an illegal gambling activity. However, the gruesome and dark gambling game can turn into one of the best indie gambling games.

Indie Gambling Games
Picture Source: Pixabay

Because when you are playing this virtually, then it turns into a fun game to play with your friends on Friday. However, the creators of the game added more features to make the game more engaging. Before cocking the gun, you have the chance to draw two cards. These can completely change the rules of the game, forcing interesting twist and strategies.

Luck Be a Landlord – Best Indie Gambling Games

According to Steam Powered, this game is the best out of all indie gambling games on the market. The concept is silly and funny, which is the perfect anti-stress relaxation game. In this video game, your main objective is to pay your rent. Therefore, you have to play a roguelike deck-building game about playing slot machines.

However, this game does not feature any real-world currencies or microtransactions. Because the main goal of the game is to defeat capitalism by paying your rent to your landlord. The best feature of this game is your pet dog, which you can pet. However, this game features interesting strategies to keep you entertained. Therefore, it is worth the €8,65 the game is currently selling for. If you want to destroy capitalism, then this game was made for you.

Pokerstars VR

If you are a VR fan or VR enjoyer, then this is the video game for you. Because in Pokerstars VR, you will feel like sitting at one of the most idealistic casino tables ever. Therefore, if you have wondered about how it feels like to join a secret room in Vegas. Then this game shows you everything you need to know. However, the game has left the Indie gambling games. This is the perfect platform to connect with your friends remotely for a poker night.

Furthermore, you are playing with in-game currency. That means that this is the most entertaining way for you to practice poker. However, keep in mind that you need VR gear to join and enjoy the experience. However, if you have no friends playing poker, then this is the best game to join a community. Furthermore, you can make long-lasting online poker friends.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gambling – Funny Indie Gambling Games

According to IndieDB, this game is a satirical masterpiece. Because it makes fun of gambling in online video games. Therefore, the objective of this game is super simple. First, you have to open loot boxes. By doing so, you can open more loot boxes. These will contain even more loot boxes. You pretty much get the idea. In this video game, you have to do nothing but enjoy opening loot boxes and get awesome rewards.

Indie Gambling Games
Picture Source: Pixabay

Therefore, this is one of those indie gambling games that will constantly produce serotonin and dopamine in your brain. This is an exceptionally fun game to try for those who enjoy making fun of the video game industry. Furthermore, it is entertaining, and it is easy to get hooked on this game. As the game title suggests, I can’t believe it’s not gambling.

Grand Casino Tycoon – Indie Gambling Games

The Grand Casino Tycoon is probably Caesar’s Casino of the indie gambling games. Because this is not only one of the best video games featuring gambling. It is a gambling game. Managing a casino in real life is stressful, and you need a lot of money. However, if you are interested in building your casino. Then this video game was made for you. Because all you have to do is to start from scratch, and slowly build up your industry.

Therefore, this is your typical Tycoon game. There are going to be many events in the game, and you have to figure out systems and builds that work. You will have to pick between partnerships and business deals. However, these are not easy decisions. Because a wrong step can lead to a downfall.

The Best Serious Gambling Games

Do you feel like you want something more serious than these indie gambling games? Don’t worry, we got you. Because our dictionary collects websites with absolutely realistic and fair, real cash gambling games. Therefore, you can use USD, EUR, or even cryptocurrencies on these websites. Our top recommendation for you is Ignition Casin. Because if you are registering one account, then all you have to do is to click once to switch to other services. You can switch over to the sportsbook betting section, horse racing, slot games, poker, and even eSports. Therefore, Ignition Casin has everything you need as a starter or an experienced player from America.

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