Ineffective Betting Strategies: What NOT to do!


Posted: September 2, 2021

Updated: September 2, 2021

  • The very specific world of betting on sports events has many interesting issues
  • However, it gives rise to the formation of erroneous illusions
  • Let's analyze the top list of ineffective betting strategies!

The very specific world of betting on sports events, formed in the era of the progression of Internet technologies, has many interesting issues. Especially for novice bettors, this industry of making money on sports betting seems amazing. However, it gives rise to the formation of erroneous illusions. By registering at a bookmaker’s office, users who are far from sports betting come across mythological comments from gamblers, misconceptions, or malicious “lessons” of losers who regularly reset their bankrolls on sports bets. Let’s analyze the top list of ineffective betting strategies that often lead the mind of gamblers away from logical thinking and strategic sports betting. 

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Strike For a Quick Win!

Of course,  online sportsbook sites in the USA or sports betting offices cannot allow such situations due to the concept of this business – earnings on gamblers, beginners, and unreasonable bettors. The history of such activity is colossal. Moreover, even today bookmakers are constantly honing their skills to calculate odds, make profitable line drawings, build accurate indices in big markets, calculate sure bets, and so on. These nuances determine the firm’s profit. Top privateers and experienced bettors continually test mathematical models, evaluate advanced statistics, and analyze insider information to catch bookmakers on miscalculations. However, even such careful work does not provide guaranteed accuracy of predicting goals and outcomes of matches in totals, single bets, or express bets. The goal of every professional who makes money on bets is a stable profit at a distance that provides for hundreds or thousands of live bets or pre-match bets.

Indeed, these aspects are obvious in betting on football – a sport which they characterize by low performance. The outcome of the game is easily created by some micro-moment – an own goal, an unintentional touch of the ball with the hand, a ricochet, and so on. Yes, large sports bets at once can be made with fantastically constant luck, but why then a sweepstake? After all, there is an online casino – a wonderful place for the lucky ones to get rich. The reality is very prosaic since winnings in offices with stable earnings on bets are difficult. This requires finding the optimal niche in betting, recognizing the moments of overweight over the bookmaker’s lines, clear bankroll management, competent pre-match analysis, etc. Learn our valuable Tips to Increase Your Success at Sports Betting and do not try to go for a quick win.

Ineffective Betting Strategies: Earning on 10 to 20 Small Bets at a Time

Sports betting does not include the business model desired by many, consisting of low turnover and high income. Analyzing professional strategies at a distance, taking even 500 transactions, you can see the best percentage of margin over the bookmaker’s office of the order of 12-17%. Experienced handicappers have it. In other words, the invested 100 after 500 bet iterations (analysis of the event, estimation of the odds in the line, placing an order) will give $ 12–17 of income. As a rule, the average bettor in real-life receives only 3-5 percent of successful bets. Here, the advantage is additionally appearing because of the bookmaker’s margin. 

ineffective betting strategies
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Indeed, competent management of the bankroll is the primary nuance of a player’s performance at sports betting. The money management of betting strictly predetermines the money limit for a bet on one event. Optimally 3% of the game balance, but 5% is allowed with a qualitatively in-depth analysis of a match or event! To get a clearer idea of ​​the conceptual outline, let’s make a mathematical calculation of a series of bets. Suppose a handicapper makes one bet on football every day. Thus, approximately 30 transactions are issued per month. 

What to Avoid?

Incompetent financial management, implemented with the Flat tactics in bets, 90% of the bankroll is used in total. If there is a standard advantage (4.5%) over the bookmaker, then you will earn 4.05% of the initial volume of the game deposit. These are modest numbers, but relevant. At the same time, the percentage total corresponds to the indicators of a confident average bettor. For beginners, these results are justly considered fantastic. In this case, the resulting figure of the calculations demonstrates the impossibility of large, quick earnings in sports betting with a small amount of funding. For a solid profit in betting every month, large bets are necessary, an increase in the game deposit, an increase in trade turnover (the frequency of transactions), as well as high-quality performance of all stages of placing orders. Therefore, avoid small multiple bets. 

Winning Sports Betting Will Be Statistically Mandatory

Better to avoid trying to break the line with bets made through free betting predictions and open analytics. Analytical teams of bookmakers constantly monitor the Internet, catching such information. One bettor can’t deduce the correct coefficients in the same way as a team of professionals with specialized software performs complex calculations. Naturally, the usual statistics of totals, meeting histories, statistics, etc. are not meaningful. Here it is necessary to build a predictive model by the bettor. Where the correlation of results from statistical indicators that occur regularly is deduced – passes, shots on target, throws in, offside, etc. 

An analytical assessment of such dependencies helps to find errors in the lines. You can make money on these flaws. However, you need to rely solely on data derived from a large sample of matches. Remember that statistical information of recent meetings/events is open everywhere, not reinforced by additional research. Unfortunately, no bet will help break through the bookmaker’s lines. These are ineffective betting strategies. Therefore, you need a serious analysis of all the lines in the 1xBET Sportsbook

Ineffective Betting Strategies: Win-win Situations

Any sane bettor understands the fabulousness of advertisements about break-even systems in sports betting. They will certainly give the acceleration of the game deposit and the subsequent flow of money. For some reason, beginners and professional gamblers are fascinated by the word “win-win” or “break-even”. Here, a rough estimate of a hypothetical situation is enough. Especially, when there is only one “always winning strategy” floating around the Internet. If the possibility of developing a system of break-even rates in betting was clear, then the existence of offices would cease in 30-40 minutes. Handicappers would have emptied the reserves of bookmakers immediately, winning all bets even with minimal bets at modest odds.

ineffective betting strategies
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In reality, the actual picture is quite the opposite. The sports betting industry is booming, more bookmakers are opening up. Besides,  online sportsbook sites in the USA are expanding their betting lines. Unfortunately, the part of the audience, consistently losing bettors, is steadily increasing. A significant share of the blame for this sports betting market situation, of course, is assigned to “win-win strategies”, attracting the attention of users of the World Wide Web. Of course, there is no universal way to secure your victory. However, we have prepared the list of the Best Betting Strategies of All Times. They may help you increase your odds of winning and feel more confident while gambling. 

Should We Listen to All the Tips From Pros?

Novice bettors, coming to the sites of bookmakers and seeing different types of bets (express bets, handicaps, even-odd, etc.), are trying to find their way. Therefore, they feel that they need some guidance here or the advice and instructions of experienced colleagues. However, it is better to have someone to guide you and listen to – nothing more. Some people start mindlessly copying the estimates and predictions of any pros, embodying their reasoning in bets for their money. Besides, some people manage to use paid predictions, spending additional funds on subscriptions to blogs or access to “private” sports predictions.

ineffective betting strategies
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The logic of this behavior is clear. It is better to listen to the weighty arguments of experienced bettors with authority and knowledge than to fool yourself with the study of numbers, results, events. It’s easier to listen to the experts, as they:

  • possess specific skills, knowledge of mathematical and technical analysis;
  • know how to minimize risks to accelerate the game deposit;
  • use proven betting strategies that have proven to be effective;
  • know portals with up-to-date data;
  • have great authority;
  • already help many with earnings.

Such arguments, of course, are correct and the opinions of experienced players must be taken into account. However, redirecting the possibility of one’s enrichment to someone who is not clear is stupid. It is necessary to realize the lack of disinterested thoughts among people making their way into the field of betting. No one will ever expose high-quality data for nothing. All handicappers need fans, and a well-known name to attract more buyers for their predictions. Often they are good average people who get advertising from the random guessing of the results. We suggest you read the Best Books on Betting for Beginners to get some advice from pros and make your strategy. 

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Ineffective betting strategies: Conclusion

Sports betting, where people make money, is a risky business. Since there is a lot of money-spinning here, which is easy to get, a halo of fairy tales, far-fetched examples, and special (wrong) advice is always appearing. It is important, especially for novice handicappers, to learn how to limit the priorities forced by losers and gambling addicts. Indeed, one should avoid all mistakes, delusions, and other people’s influences. Only an independent analysis, calculating probabilities, evaluating odds, and choosing the type of bet on a sporting event can give any chances of winning a bet with a bookmaker. 

It is necessary to develop experience, knowledge, and skills. Meanwhile, you should promptly identify, ignore, and warn of any delusions or deceptions. Indeed, success in betting is possible if you are very serious about betting on sports. Before visiting the 1xBET Sportsbook read our article Betting Strategies: Best Time To Bet On Sports Revealed. Make up your mind and start winning in no time. Good luck!

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