Learn How To Win Money Betting On Dwarf Tossing In 7 Steps

Posted: January 24, 2020

Updated: March 31, 2020

UK gambling laws make betting on human suffering illegal. This is important to underline as it is, in these days of politically correct hashtags vital to note that no dwarfs are harmed in the playing of this ancient game. It seems so simple but has a depth to play hidden from the casual observer. Thus, if you want to know how to win money betting on dwarf tossing at Bet365, you’ll need our handy tips. So, here’s seven things to bear in mind when gambling on dwarf tossing.

1. Suit Snugness As An Indicator

When learning how to win money betting on dwarf tossing the first thing to master is picking the right dwarf. This is trickier than it appears. To the uneducated dwarves are much of a muchness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Moreover, any bet on dwarf tossing will hinge on that choice, even if you’re not competing yourself. Perhaps the easiest indicator to spot, however, is the snugness of the suit they’re wearing. A baggy or ill-fitting suit denotes a dwarf to dismiss. 

2. Dwarf Duality – A Beginner’s Guide

Those seeking to know how to win money betting on dwarf tossing must get to grips with this concept. There are two sorts of dwarves, generally speaking. One is a miner of precious metals and stones, the other a brutal short warrior carrying an axe. Confusing the two is a common error for the uninitiated. Those who like to bet on sports in the UK will probably be better off backing the latter. Warriors tend to curl up making them fly better through the air, miners usually whine.

3. Aerodynamics

This is obvious but often overlooked. The smaller and tighter the dwarf is when thrown the further and more accurately it will travel through the air. Thus a dwarf that tucks itself into a ball is much preferred. When discovering how to win money betting on dwarf tossing you’ll quickly find this hard to teach. It has to be inherently instinctive on the dwarf’s part. As mentioned warriors are naturals at this, but a miner who can ball up may fly faster. Far less armor. 

4. Height-To-Weight Ratios

You will encounter, when learning how win money betting on dwarf tossing, many so called “experts”. Some of these will tell you that you should dwell on the height-to-weight ratio of the dwarf. They’re wrong. A plump dwarf has momentum on its side and a higher central core weight. That denser center of mass can be far easier to aim and, moreover, can aid accuracy. The heavier central pivot point makes the axis rolls far more consistent when spinning through the air.

5. Getting All In A Spin

You will, if participating, obviously, find your own style. Generally speaking, there are two. The direct toss and the indirect toss. The former relies on power, the latter momentum. Those just starting out learning how to win money betting on dwarf tossing should stick to the indirect. This arcs the dwarf up, and can benefit from a lateral spin component improving aim. You’ll find those competitors typically get shorter odds at online gambling sites in the UK like Bet365.

6. Death Match Illegality

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Poor lil’ guys Author: Diego Velázquez [Public domain]
In some of the darker corners of far flung parts, the use of velcro suits is entirely shunned. In these shabby establishments, dwarfs are tossed against a board with an array of spikes upon it. This often leads to severe injury or death. Whilst exciting this doesn’t help you learn how to win money betting on dwarf tossing. Hard to build up form if you’ve a six inch metal spike stuck through the head of your best dwarf. Naturally dwarf tossing deathmatches are highly illegal. 

7. Singing

Under no circumstances, whilst learning how to win money betting on dwarf tossing, should you sing. Nor should you encourage singing in any dwarf, tossee or not. Nothing will taint the dwarf tossing betting odds at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 faster than a few hundred choruses of “Hi Ho”. The same is also true of any song that involves the lyric “Gold” repeatedly endlessly. Should about of singing develop, leave immediately. Save yourself the therapy bills.

We take a look at how to win money betting on dwarf tossing, the ancient sport of propelling diminutive denizens through the air at a target.

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